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Chapter 6 - Textile Industry
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Cotton industry Jute industry Sugar Industry Iron & steel Industry Aluminium industry

Raveena Bishnoi
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  1. Class 10 Geography NCERT Ravina Bishnoi Proud to be an Indian

  2. Chapter 6 Manufacturing Industries

  3. Textile Industries

  4. Cotton Textiles Hand spinning and handloom weaving, now powerloom came 2011, 1946 cotton textile miles,80% private sector e Early concentrated in MH & Gujrat e Close link with agriculture e Creating demands support other Industries Weaving not compete with global standards e India export yarn to Japan,Nepal,Russia, U.K, U.S.A e Second largest installed capacity of spindles 1/4th of trade of yarn by India but 4% of garments because weaving & knitting not of global level.

  5. Jute Textiles India largest producer of Raw jute . 2011,80 jute mills,mostly in west Bengal, banks of hugli river Support 40 lakhs small & marginal farmers. . Stiff competition from synthetic substitute . Internal demands increase after SBM & environmental concerns . 2005,National Jute Policy . Export to U. S. A, Canada, Russia, Australia


  7. Sugar Industry 2nd world sugar producer top in gur & khandsari 60% of mills in U. P, others in MH, Gujrat, Tamil Nadu Industry is seasonal in nature e Mills shift to south because cane produced has high sucrose content e Cooperatives more successful in south Challenges - seasonal nature, old methods of production, transport delay, need to maximize use if baggase

  8. Mineral Based Industries e Industrues use minerals & metals as raw material Iron & Steel Industry . Basic industry for construction materials, engineering goods, defence, medical & other consumer goods Index of countries development Heavy Industry Iron ore, cokong coal & limestone in 4:2:1 e India rank 4th in crude steel producer & largest sponge iron producern

  9. Steel Manufacturing Steel Authority of India ( SAIL) . China is largest producer and consumer of steel Chotanagpur playeau has maximum concentration of iron & steel industry . Challenges in India . High cost & limited availability of coking coal Lower productivity of labour Irregular supply of energy Poor infrastructure

  10. Aluminium Smelting . 2nd most important metallurgical industry Light, resistant to corrosion, good conductor, malleable . Used in aircraft, utensil & wires Plants in odisha, W. B, kerala, U. P, CG, MH Bauxite raw material, bulky, dark red brown colour

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