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Chapter 2- Forest and Wildlife Resources (in Punjabi)
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Biodiversity IUCN classification of species Factors affecting depletion of biodiversity

Raveena Bishnoi
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  1. Class 10 Geography NCERT Ravina Bishnoi Proud to be an Indian

  2. Chapter 2 .Forest & Wildlife Resources


  4. Biodiversity Rich in wildlife & cultivated species, diverse in form & function but closely integrated through multiple network of interdependencies India is richest in biodiversity 8% of total species (1.6 million) . 10% of wild flora &20% of mammals on threatened list Many are critical list- cheetah, pink headed duck, mountain quail, e Lots are already lost

  5. IUCN Classification of Species 1. Normal species - cattle, sal, pine 2. Endangered species black buck crocodile, rhino, wild ass 3. Vulnerable species - Asiatic elephant, gangetic dolphin 4. Rare species desert fox, hornbill, Himalayan brown bear Endemic species- nicobar pigeon, andeman teal 6. Extinct species - Asiatic cheetah, pink headed duck

  6. Factors of depletion of Biodiversity 1. Depletion of forests 2. Forest convert to agsicultural land 3. Large scale development projects 4. Mining 5. Overgrazing & Fuelwood collection 6. Urbanisation 7. Hunting, poaching & habitat destruction 8. Environmental pollution, & forest fires 9. Overpopulation

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