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Chapter 3 - Water Resources(in Punjabi)
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Water resource Water scracity Water conservation

Raveena Bishnoi
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  1. Class 10 Geography NCERT Ravina Bishnoi Proud to be an Indian

  2. Chapter 3 eWater Resources.

  3. Water Resources

  4. Water 96.5% of total volume exist as oceans 2.5%) fresh water 70% occur as ice sheets & glaciers, 30% in ground water . India receives 4% global pptn & rank 133 in water availability Renewable water resources is 1897 km2 per annum e 2025 absolute water scracity

  5. Water Scarcity e Cause by exploitation, excessive use & unequal acess to water . Growing polpulation Expansion of irrigated area .Dry season Agriculture Intensive industrialisation & urbanisation Hydroelectric power projects .Urban lifestyles .Ground water pumping device in colonies Bad quality of water due to dispose of chemicals, pesticides, fertilizer in water .Mis management of water resources

  6. Water resource management Multi purpose river projects Dams, stone rubble, lakes, embankment & canals e 1st B. C Sringaverapura, Allahabad, Bhpal lake, Huaz Khas e Dams impound water & used to irrigate, electricity, domestic, industrial, flood control, recreation, inland navigation & fish breeding Multi purpose dams like Bhakra nangal, hirakund dams integrates conservation of water with flood control ,rapid industrialisation & growth of economy & leads to development of nation

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