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Chapter 3 - Water resource management & rainwater harvesting(in Punjabi)
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Criticism of multi purpose projects Rainwater harvesting

Raveena Bishnoi
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  1. Class 10 Geography NCERT Ravina Bishnoi Proud to be an Indian

  2. Chapter 3 Water Resource Management and Rainwater Harvesting


  4. Criticism of multi purpose projects Affects natural flow of river Poor sediment flow & execessive sedimentation affect aquatic life ' Submerge existing vegetation eSoil decomposition . Social movements Narmada Bachao Aandolan & Tehri Dam Aandilan - Large scale displacement of local communisies eChange in cropping pattern leads to salinisation of soil Transform social landscape Inter state water dispute for sharing of water Failure to achieve goals Land degradation,earthquake,water borne disease, pests & pollution

  5. Rainwater Harvesting Collection area Gutter Gutter Collection area Conduit Tap Storage tank

  6. Rainwater Harvesting Viable alternative against multi purpose projects Useful socially & environmentally Hills & mountains Diversion channeks like guls or kuls Rooftop rainwater harvesting in rajasthan Flood plains in Bengal develop inundation channel In arid region agriculture field convert into rainfed storage structure e.g khadins & johads in rajasthan Semi arid region, houses had underground tankad for storage Well developed roof top rainwater harvesting Tamil nadu first state made rooftop rainwater harvesting structure compulsory

  7. Bamboo drip Irrigation

  8. Taankas in Rajasthan

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