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4th January, 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu
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Today's Hindu summary covers in-depth analysis of National, International and Business news with background information about articles linked to the syllabus of the examination

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

Unacademy user
Private party involvement in defence sector will surely improve the status of defence technology in India. Since capitalism comes into picture, private parties will get more incentives to create innovative designs and ultimately leading to modernisation of our defence sector
Rohit Mattu
3 years ago
Bro completely satisfied over this issue but My viewpoint is a little about Security, involving Private Industries might cause a security concern for Defence,, Am i RIght ??
If in US it is working fine then in India also it should
Rahul Sharma
3 years ago
Hello Vignesh, I am silent reader of Unacademy and I found that you always gave a quality answers to each and every questions asked before the video starting. I also want to give answers of the questions though I have some knowledge about questions but lack in the middle because of little knowledge. Can you please help me how to give answers to these questions?means what should I do before attempting it?
Hi Rahul, Assuming that you have some prior knowledge about the question, you can spend some 5 to 10 minutes to gather all the necessary points relating to the question and just start writing. That's all :) But you should try to reduce the time for recollection in each answer. But Keep writing and reviewing consistently :)
Rahul Sharma
3 years ago
Thanks Vignesh....I'll work on it
Deepanshu sir please give feedbacks on answers. we guys do peer review but obviously a proper evaluation by you will be more beneficial
3 years ago
true that
Deepanshu sir... Ur course is awesome.... Jst one request from my side that plz try to elaborate the business nwz a little more so that it becomes much more understandable.... Otherwise ur course is awesome..... I must thank u fr that.....
Hardik Siroha
3 years ago
just get your basics right for that, cause in Economics understanding current affairs is nearly impossible if you don't know static portion.
Thanks for the advice... M right now studying economics... Not fully completed yet.. that why..... Otherwise thanks
Hardik Siroha
3 years ago
you're welcome.You taking coaching somewhere or only Unacademy?
Jst here only
this new red pointer looks like a sniper target !
Rohit Mattu
3 years ago
yeah bro .. but really cool it is ..
Sir Blood Diamond good movie to have overview of Diamond Sumalling and how india also responsible for this. Private sectors in defence seuarlay improve up grides new scitech in defence from uniform of soulger to missial If we push our domestic producer's in defence make in india Foreign Boing and other have healthy comparative among both on that line primer defence research Institute Ex DRDO Will also improve more new technology equipment in armed forces.

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  3. Epicenter NATIONAL NEWs Part of Purvanchal hill, extension of Himalaya which extends up to Andaman and Indonesia a. National centre for seismology has been set up by bringing together all Seismology related activities of IMD (including those of EREC) under one umbrella. Following institutions come under MOES Fault Line Hypocenter (focus) MOES Mnistry of Earth Sciences INCOIS National Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting Indian Institute of Tropical Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services NIOT P-wav shadoww P-wave10 shadow zone 103 National Centre for Antartic and Ocean Recearch Institute of Ocean National Cenbre for Earth Science Stodies one 142 P waves receiv ceived here 142

  4. NATIONAL NEWs o Delhi HC-Jhuggis and Jhoparis I) are normally "born out of need" and unauthorised colonies are "born out of greed" while rejecting the petition of regularisation of colonies. o It noted that regularisation of such colonies in the past has embolden the encroachment causing environmental degradation, traffic bottleneck and spread of disease like malaria and water born diseases. It is also considered regularisation of JJs set up wrong precedent and approval of one such demand further led to subsequent similar demands. JJs are mainly formed due to migration of unsustainable workers due to various push and pull factors. BirdFlu-Mysore Zoo to be shut till Feb 2 due to death of some migratory birds because of avian influenza H5N8 confirmed by NIHSAD Bhopal o avian influenza virus subtypes A (H5N1), A (H7N9), and A(H9N2) and swine influenza virus subtypes A(H1N1) and (H3N2) Human infections are primarily acquired through direct contact with infected animals or contaminated environments some antiviral drugs, notably oseltamivir, can reduce the duration of viral replication

  5. NATIONAL NEWs Government will initiate the selection procedure for single engine fighter jet to be built in India with extensive technology transfer. Defence minister said guidelines for 'strategic partnership' model to be under framework of defence procurement procedure 2016 are in 'final discussion stage US base Boeing and Lockheed Martin and Sweden based SAAB has already submitted detailed offers on F-16, F-18 and Gripen fighters Key proteins that make Zika deadly identified o However, they do not know which Zika protein or proteins are causing harm, or exactly how these proteins cause damage. o Using fission yeast o University of Maryland School of Medicine (UM SOM) in the US has for the first time identified seven key proteins in the virus that may be the culprits behind this damage.

  6. INTERNATIONAL NEWS o Return of Cold War? Cold War (1947-1991) a. 70 countries host about 800 US military base, 10 countries host Russiarn Base b. $597bn US defence budget, $66bn Russian defence budget c. When Ukraine and Georgia offered NATO membership, Russia protested(CONTAINMENT OF Domino effect), it was followed by Russian intervention in Georgia d. Russia offered asylum to Edward Snowden, Accused for spying US national security agency e. Russia annexed Crimea, US sanctions on Russia, Russia suspended from G-8 f. Syria Crisis and armed intervention of Russia, Fall of Aleppo, Russian Ambassador shot down in Turkey g. US accusations on Russia for meddling in 2016 presidential election and suspension of 35 Russian diplomats h. Conversing relations in China and Russia Seviet Uinion (USSR usSA igned comes igana. Czechosiovakia, EatGmany,ngary oland,Romania) Former USSR aigned country Abania aligned unti 196 Non aligned country Yugolava Neutral courtries nnd Seterand Weutral countries, Westem-aligned AstraFrance, Ireland 5weder Westem -algned countries (Geece Nonwy, keeland, Unided Kingdon Desmark, West Germany, taly. uriey.

  7. BUSINESS NEWs o Prospects of April 1 rollout of GST diminish further- Critical issue of cross empowerment not finalised, Dual control of taxation power is yet to finalised which is crux of contention between states and centre p 6900 o Ensure 40% of currencv reaches to rural areas-RBI a. In a circular, RBI advised their currency chest to step up issuance of freslh notes to RRBs White label ATMs, Post Offices and District central Co-Op banks on priority basis o Paytm Payment bank gets final RBI approval to commence operations. o Diamond contracts set to debut soon in India 680096 o India is all set to become the first country in the world where polished diamonds will be traded on a commodity exchange.-The Indian Commodity Exchange Ltd (ICEX)-final approval by SEBI India is the third-largest consumer of diamond after the US, and China, it has the largest share in diamond-cutting and polishing. Lack of a global benchmark price for diamond makes the stone less attractive than gold or silver