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18th January, 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu
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Today's news summary covers in-depth analysis of National, International and Business news with background information about articles linked to the syllabus of the examination. Also attempt practice question for today based on Prelims and post your answer in the comment section below

Deepanshu Singh is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Deepanshu Singh
Faculty- Indian Polity and Current Affairs| UPSC CSE Reserve list 2015| Consultant-G.O.I. Loves Geography Teaching since 2015

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🙏👌👍👏😃✌️codes super.. thanku so much
Arya G
5 months ago
The founding members of CERN are: Germany, Italy, Norway, Yugoslavia Denmark, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Greece Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, France
The founding states of CERN are greece, italy, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Belgium, UK, Switzerland, sweden, yugoslavia, germany and norway and the IMP thing to remember is UPSC may ask Q like in options they may give INDIA IS FOUNDING MEMBER OF CERN like that so we should not fall in to trap....
Hi Deepanshu Singh your answer is C for yesterday question but all three countries are bordering with Mongolia 1. Russia 2. China 3. Kazakhstan according to your answer Russia and china only how can is that, explain it please i don't think your answer is correct
Rohit Jacob
3 years ago
Kazhakhstan doesn't share a border with Mongolia!
Akash Sharma
3 years ago
Hi Rohit you are correct Kazhakhstan don't share border with mongolia
Rohit Jacob
3 years ago
Happy to help Akash..:)
Akash Sharma
3 years ago
thanks and can i ask some question also if you don't mind
Akash Sharma
3 years ago
Hi Rohit i have some question also can i ask
sir, i stay in bengaluru n i follow hindu daily but there r some news that i find new in your summary is there a diff edition here
Ranbir Singh
3 years ago
I am from Punjab and suffer from the same problem. I guess the tutor follows other newspapers like The Indian Express for a comprehensive discussion on today's affairs. Guess that's why some of the news are not from The Hindu.
3 years ago
same issue
The 12 founding states which of CERN Belgium, Denmark, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Yugoslavia. The association came into force from 29 September 1954. The current count of the countries are 22. The name of the countries along with the year they joined to the association. Austria (1959), Spain (1961-1969, re-joined 1983), Portugal (1985), Finland (1991), Poland (1991), Czechoslovak Republic (1992), Hungary (1992), Bulgaria (1999), Israel (2014) and Romania (2016) The Czech Republic and Slovak Republic re-joined CERN after their mutual independence in 1993. Yugoslavia left CERN in 1961. Today CERN has 22 member states. Serbia and Cyprus are associate members in the pre-stage to membership, and Turkey, Pakistan, Ukraine and India are associate members.

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  3. PRACTICE QUESTION Consider following statements regarding the Inclusive Development Index (IDI) released in World Economic Forum's (WEF) 'Inclusive Growth and Development Report' 1. It has three pillars Growth and Development, Inclusion and In Sustainability. 2. India is ranked 60th among the 79 developing countries, well below most of its south Asian neighbors- China (15th), Nepal (27th), Bangladesh (36th) and Pakistan (52nd). Select the correct incorrect options from below- a) 1only b) 2 only c) Both d) None of the above Post your answers below! (without googling) Yesterday's answer- c 1,2 only

  4. NATIONAL NEWS Why graded action is a good idea, but tough to implement . The union Environment Ministry last week notified a 'Graded Response Action Plan' against air pollution for Delhi and the National Capital Region. The plan puts governments under the lens and holds out the promise of improvement in air quality, if followed properly. But it also faces huge challenges of implementation. A graded response-lays down stratified actions that are required to be taken as and when the concentration of pollutants, in this case particulate matter, reaches a certain level. . At the level of 100 microgrammes per cubic metre of PM 2.5, for example, mechanised sweeping and water- sprinkling along roads has to start. Traffic police personnel have to ensure smooth flow of traffic, and all pollution control measures that are already in place- such as stopping landfill fires, and enforcing Pollution Under Control (PUC) norms and a ban on firecrackers- have to be imposed strictly The plan was prepared by the Supreme Court-mandated Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA), which held meetings with stakeholders from all states over several months. How will it work?- The concentration of pollutants will be communicated to EPCA by a task force that will primarily comprise officials from the respective pollution control boards and India Meteorological Department. This will be an average for the entire citv. . . According to EPCA's report, at least 16 agencies will have to work together to implement the various parts of the plan- including the municipal corporations of all Metro Rail Corporation, Delhi Transport Corporation, Resident Welfare Associations, Public Works Departments and Central Public Works Department, Chief Controller of Explosives et towns, the traffic police, police, transport departments, Delh Challenge of inter-coordination- among large number of agencies, from different states, will have to work together Beijing and Paris, most notably, have implemented graded action plans over the past few years

  5. NATIONAL NEWS SC orders inspection of pollution check centre . Highlighting urgency to find immediate rather than possible solutions to curb air pollution, SC asked Environment Pollution Control Authority to inspect over 900 Pollution Under Certificates station Environment Pollution Control Authority (for NCR only) is set up under Environment Protection Act, 1986. It consists of Chairman and 4 members. Has powers to issue directions in respect of complaints regarding violation of standards of environment quality, discharge of pollutants, restrictions for setting up of polluting processes/industry . Amicus Curiae Harish Salve suggested that pollution certificates should . Centre to hold consultations with stakeholders to ban pet coke and furnace . Furnace oil- Its a bottom of barrel product- last of oil that refineries Very cheap as it is exempted from state taxes. be linked to vehicle insurance. oil. produce-High in sulphur. Used to produce power or to run furnace. Per coke oct f e Pet coke- product of refineries with high calorific value. So although costlier than coal, it is cheaper to use. Now it is banned in China and this Chinese pet coke is being dumped in India n h

  6. NATIONAL NEWS India loses its pioneer in black hole research work . Professor C.V. Vishveshwara (77), who did pioneering work on black holes, passed away in Bengaluru . About C V Vishveshwara: In the 1970s, while at the University of Maryland, he was among the first to study black holes" even before they had been so named ulations gave a graphic form to the signal that would be emitted by two merging black holes - this was the waveform detected in 2015 by the LIGO collaboration "quasi normal modes"-a ringdown stage that sounds like a bell's ringing sound that is fading out He was the founding director of the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in Bengaluru He has written several books including Einstein's Enigma, or Black Holes in My Bubble Bath . . yderabad fifth most dynamic ci the world Hyderabad, the City of Pearls, has made to top 10 most dynamic cities across the world chosen by JLL City Momentum Index 2017 Bangalore is at no 1 position. LL index measures population, connectivity, technology, research and development, education, construction, real . . estate investment. .JLL index shows city's capacity to embrace rapid change . More than half of top 30 cities are in Asia Pacific showing phenomenon of urbanisation gaining soft pace in Asia Pacific

  7. NATIONAL NEWS LIGO India, Meant to Study Gravitational Waves, To Be Ready By '24 The LIGO India project is likely to be commissioned in 2024. The LIGO India centre, which will study cosmic gravitational waves, will only be the third one in the world. However, this would require Indian universities to churn out young researchers trained in the science, according to the announcement made by LIGO Laboratory . These waves will be particularly useful for studying black holes (the existence of which was first implied by Einstein's theory) and other dark obiects . The reason that gravitational waves have been so difficult to detect is that their effects are tinier than tiny India becomes Associate member of CERN India has officially become an Associate member of CERN with the Indian government completing its internal approval procedures in respect of the agreement it had signed with CERN on November 21, 2016 . As an Associate member India will have full access to all data generated at CERN. As there are many experiments in CERN, there will be plenty of information available As an Associate member, India can participate in all experiments. CERN is the world's largest nuclear and particle physics laboratory, where scientists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the Universe by using the most sophisticated scientific instruments and advanced computing systems. CERN is based in Geneva on the French-Swiss border. The CERN convention was signed in 1953 by the 12 founding state .

  8. NATIONAL NEWS Silicon identified as 'missing element' in Earth's core Scientists from Tohoku University in Japan have claimed that Silicon (Si) is the missing element' in the Earth's core. This discovery could help us to better understand how our world formed. It was found that silicon is a major element and constitutes about 5% of the Earth's inner core by weight. It could be dissolved into the iron-nickel alloys. . For the study, scientists recreated the high temperatures and pressures found in the deep interior of the Earth's core. Innermost part of Earth's core- far too deep to investigate directly so scientists study this region's make-up using seismic wave. Earth's core is mainly composed of iron (makes up about 85% of its weight) and nickel (accounts for about 10% of the core).

  9. BUSINESS NEWs Domestic air passenger traffic grew 23% in 2016 Data released by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) India's domestic air passenger traffic grew 23.18 per cent to about 10 crore in 2016 compared with the previous year In 2016, India's air traffic stood at 9.98 crore passengers compared to 8.19 crore in 2015 which had seen a 21 per cent growth . . . Demonetisation didn't impact air travel with December witnessing the highest number of passengers in a month . A dip in aviation turbine fuel prices by eight per cent on an average in 2016 allowed airlines to offer fares that were lower by about 14 per cent Aviation turbine fuel cost contributes about 40 per cent of the total cost of the operations of airlines . Mission 41k of Indian Railways . It is a mission launched by Indian Railways to save Rs 41,000 crore on the Indian Railways' expenditure on energy consumption over the next 10 years This target will be achieved by taking a slew of measures which include moving 90% of traffic to electric traction over diesel. Presently, this is at 50 %of the total rail traffic. The Railways ministry plans to achieve this target by doubling the current pace of electrification. . The railways also aim to procure more and more electricity at cheaper rates through open market instead of sourcing it through DISCOMs and thereby hopes to save as much as 25% on its energy expenses.

  10. BUSINESS NEWs Industry seeks foreign partners for trade pact India's top industry bodies are attempting to build a coalition with counterparts in other nations with similar interests to give a fillip to the country's proposal for a Trade Facilitation in Services (TFS) Agreement at the World Trade Organisation (WTO)-level. . The proposed TFS pact, among other things, aims to make it easier for professionals and skilled workers to move across borders for short-term work, as well as ensure portability of their social security contributions. the TFS Agreement will address the key issues that are pertinent to facilitating trade in services, such as transparency, streamlining procedures, and eliminating bottlenecks