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20th January, 2017: Daily Summary and Analysis of The Hindu
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Today's news summary covers in-depth analysis of National, International and Business news with background information about articles linked to the syllabus of the examination. Also attempt practice question for today based on Prelims and post your answer in the comment section below

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Deepanshu Singh
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Horn of Africa - Somalia, Eritrea,Ethiopia, Djibouti ethiopia lies in between tropic of cancer and equator and no line passes through it. sir aap sach m real life m ho believe hi nhi hota wse hi jaise ek atheist ko god k existence p nhi hai. U r just amazing sir thanks a lot :-) l m lucky enough to say that l have an awesome teacher named Jatin Verma sir in my real life ..........
Hello Sir, can u tell me whether these complete summary and editorial summary sufficient or do i need to read the hindu myself also?
Vivek Tiwary
3 years ago
if u will be better
Indrjeet Giram
3 years ago
Reading it will improve u vocab, help in language dev,adding new case studies/ u cm across various situation which will help u in GS4 and so ..hence read within less time but read it once..
Malahat Jahan
3 years ago
The course is a very good analysis. First hand knowledge has no substitute.
harayana. In collaboration with National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) in Gurgaon aim: to increase cyber policing and monitor social media content. The centre will keep a tab on sensitive and provocative content on social media besides imparting short-term and long-term training to selected police officials. The centre also has a social media monitoring lab to increase technological capabilities of the Haryana police. The technical experts from NTRO and the Government of India (GoI) will also extend support in trainings.
Sir i'm using ur summary along with delhi edition.. and daily many news items are outside my paper so could u provide link to odd articles outside delhi edition covered in ur summary.
Sehrawat Annu
3 years ago
may be some news would be covered from other newspapers also. You read the hindu and other important news are covered here and that is sufficient.
Same here 1st two news Item I was not able to locate in my newspaper... Yesterday I was thinking may be I left but in today edition I was thinking that I went through each news which can important in upsc perspective... But same happened again thanks to you... You posted this question other wise I was thinking It is happening with me only as I try to finish my news paper withing 90~100minutes. Now I am bit relaxed. Don't worry just read youe newspaper daily I watch this summary it will cover every important news.
Sehrawat Annu
3 years ago
yes and they also add some points in particular news from their side also elaborate and explain the concept newspaper plus unacademy editorial, the hindu summary and one monthly current affairs magazine will suffice as we have to focus on static portion also ..
Jaskaran Saluja
3 years ago
Agreed..!! Now lets focus..
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Please include the previous day's Question along with answers for easy coorelation

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  3. PRACTICE QUESTION India's first centre for digital investigation and training has been set up by which state police? A. Kerala B. Haryana B. FHarvana C. Karnataka D. Tamil Nadu Post your answers below! (without googling) Yesterday's answer- A, Manipur (Loktak lake)

  4. NATIONAL NEWS Centre raps state govt over scheme Maharashtra govt has been pulled up by the centre for its poor implementation of Tejaswini Rural Women's Empowerment programme The scheme is supported by IFAD (International Fund for Agriculture Development). Resources from state, centre, IFAD are components of this programme . IFAD is specialised agency of UN dedicated for eradicating rural poverty . IFAD goal is to reduce poverty and hunger not only by lending but also by . IFAD is also partner of COMPACT 2025, a partnership that develops and and hunger in developing countries, established in 1977 advocating for rural poor. disseminates evidence-based advice to politicians/decision makers aimed at reducing hunger and undernutrition, crucial component of MDG . IFAD is working in India for more than 3 decades India is IFAD 's largest borrower and main contributor. In India, IFAD target population is tribal communities, smallholder farming household, landless people, women and young population. IFAD took serious view of non availability of timely release of budget for Tejaswini project and advised for partial cancellation of loan.

  5. NATIONAL NEWS Nagoba jatara all set for high tech makeover . Nagoba jatara is important tribal religious-cum- cultural event that lasts for 10 days where people from Mesram clan of gonds flock the vast surrounding of nagoba temple in Adilabad distt of Telangana . Gonds from Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, MP arrives for 10 days jamboree in which they worship their serpent god and other gods in symbolic presence To attract youth to their culture free 4G Wifi facility would be provided. . Jatara or fair also feature the ancient sport of Rengi racing ie bullock cart racing Govt want to keep post of Lokayukta vacant . Leader of Opposition in legislative assembly of Karnataka alleged that Karnataka govt was deliberately recommending names of judges with dubious past. Lokayukta or anti corruption ombudsman was institution proposed by Morarji Desai led Administrative Reforms Commission in its interim report on'Problems of Redressal of Citizen's Grievances" Not all states has Lokavukta. Maharashtra was first and Goa is latest state to add it Each state having institution Lokayukta has varying degree of power and autonomy associated with it. Maharashtra has weak and Karnataka has powerful institution of Lokayukta Amendment in Constitution had been sought for instituting lokayukta uniformly across country as 3 member body headed by retired SC judge or HC Chief Justice . . .

  6. NATIONAL NEWS . "Church courts' cannot veto divorce law, says Supreme Court . Supreme Court: Canon law and decrees of divorce given by ecclesiastical tribunals or Church Courts' cannot veto the statutory law of divorce Thus the court disposed of a writ petition filed in 2013 seeking a judicial declaration that divorce decrees passed by ecclesiastical tribunals are valid and binding . . 1996 verdict: The Supreme Court referred to its 1996 judgment in the case of Molly Joseph versus George Sebastiarn upholding the binding nature of the Indian Divorce Act of 1869, which governs divorce among Christians Milestone in cryogenic engine test paves way for GSLV-MkIII .The cryogenic stage and the entire launch vehicle's readiness is closer to fruition after the engine, technically called CE20, passed the 'high altitude flight acceptance test' lasting about 25 seconds at Mahendragiri in mid- December. Will use it to send 3,200 kg GSAT-19 communication satellite to space on it . Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre (LPSC), Thiruvananthapuram, LPSC has designed and developed the CE20 engine . The cryogenic stage is vital for a GSLV rocket as it gets its final and biggest push in space from this stage; it can take a big communications satellite to higher reaches of 36,000 km above ground.

  7. INTERNATIONAL NEWS UK seeks Indian help in resolving Chagos Archipelago dispute Indian assistance has been sought to resolve current tensions between USA, UK and Mauritius on the future of Chagos archipelago and US JOMAA military base in Indian ocean-Diego Garcia Mauritius had warned of taking matter to International Court of Justice Chagos islands-referred as British Indian Ocean Territory by Britain-is home to US naval base Diego Garcia was part of British Indian Ocean Territory, but was leased to US in 1965 for 50 years. Now the lease ended, UK extended it for another 20 years, infuriating Mauritius In March 1971, plantation workers of Diego Garcia were removed and deported to Mauritius,So Diego Garcia became fully US inhabited naval base In March 2015, a tribunal brought against UK under UN Convention on Law of Sea ruled that "Mauritius holds legally binding rights to fish in water surrounding Chagos archipelago, to eventual return of Chagos archipelago to Mauritius, when no longer needed for defense purpose" Indian involvement by British govt is seen as positive move which signals India's importance in affairs of littoral states of Indian ocean. But India would respect Mauritius govt's decision. AFRI INDONESIA Archipelago . Pro Banhor Salomen hlend . I N D IA N Great Bank . Dieg Garcia .

  8. BUSINESS NEWS Airlines yet to collect Cess for regional connectivity fund .Most of domestic airlines refused to charge levy on air tickets that will finance regional connectivity fund under regional connectivity scheme of Ministry of Civil Aviation . Regional connectivity scheme is part of Civil Aviation Policy 2016 . Under this policy, govt capped passenger fares for flight journeys from unserved and underserved airport at ort at Rs 2500 per hour of flying for approximately 500 km. No landing charges, VAT concessions, Regional Connectivity Fund, Viability Gap Funding were its main features Airline carriers dragged centre to court challenging levy of upto Rs 8500 on domestic flights from Dec 2016 . As far as states are concerned, 15 of them had agreed to provide requisite infrastructure concessions under regional connectivity scheme Cap set on sops for electronics . The Union Cabinet cleared changes to the modified special incentive scheme for electronics manufacturing .It has decided to reduce the time frame for companies to avail sops under the scheme Also, cap the outflow through the special incentive package at 10,000 crore Further, the subsidy to electronic manufacturing companies will be provided for investments made within five years of the project getting approved against a subsidy time frame of 10 years earlier The MSIPS is aimed at boosting domestic electronic product manufacturing, was notified in 2012 for both new and expansion projects-scheme provides for capital subsidy of 20.25%