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20th June 2017 Part-2: Daily News Analysis (in Hindi)
India is a land of great diversity and its unity lies in diversity.Since from history the people of india have fought to save its unity and in way many have sacrificed their life.Britishers too wanted to divide india on the basis of caste and language but Indian saved it.People like vallabhbhai patel had given his life for the unification of Indian states .And that was in the favor of Indian .As we know Indian is the land of many ethnic groups and society .It is not possible to give separate state for everyone ,if its happen then India will be the land of Africa where people are fighting to survive ,as we can see the example of south Sudan. Jharkhand too was carved from Bihar but what was the outcome .Development is very slow ,no road ,no infrastructure no development have been done in many parts of Jharkhand. If we provide the basic need of life to these people no one will demand for division.Gov should need to listen the voices of people .Gov should need not to encroach in the social life of people .India is a fast growing state and for this ,India need creation,innovation,development not division of land.
kya India special districts nhi bana sakti jaise USA mein hota h for Special districts serve limited areas and have governing boards that accomplish legislatively assigned functions using public funds. because separate state mein legislative assembly and revenue , Secretariat,etc. sab hoga isse acha to fund ko sahi jagah lagaya jaye to jyada beneficial hoga un logo k liye
Vibhash Ojha
2 years ago
India is a diverse in respect with USA .In our country in every few kilometers different language different cultures different religion exist ,so according to you if we create special district ,we will have to create thousands like this and it will lead to create tension and disputes .It will divide the unity of India .USA is country where literacy rate is higher than India ,USA people understand the Gov vice versa with India.We will need more revenue to set up such institution ,we dont have this.
hmm....thats true...