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How to Learn Anything 5 Times Faster– UPSC Exam

Want to learn things faster? Here is how you can learn anything 5 times faster and better.

If you’re preparing for the UPSC exam, you must be working hard to crack India’s most challenging exam, where a whopping 10 lakh students attempt every year to become the next batch of IAS officers in the country. The UPSC Conducts the Civil Service examination once a year. The exam consists of three phases. i.e., preliminary examination (prelims), main examination (mains), and personality test or interview. The preliminary exam is an OMR-based examination, and the main paper is a descriptive type exam where you must have to write the complete answers. 

We are living in a world where we all look for rapid results. Hence, a strategy to learn concepts five times faster can bring a massive change. A considerable part of the syllabus is theory-based which means there is a lot to learn. However, students sometimes find it difficult to learn and, most importantly, remember things. 

As a UPSC student, it becomes imperative to read, understand, and learn each concept thoroughly if you aim for excellent marks. Today, in this article, we will tell you how to learn anything five times faster without brainstorming.

Tips and Tricks to Learn anything Five Times Faster in the Upsc Exam 

1. There is No One Way

We all are different, and so are our ways of learning things. When appearing for the UPSC examination, one common thing that most aspirants ask is how to learn things faster. Some of you might be learning by writing things; others may be learning through videos online. Although the ways can be different, the goal is one. But, there certainly is a way to do so. If you think your method is not up to the mark, learn from the winners and tweak it to match your personality. 

2. Wash Rinse Repeat 

Wash, rinse, and repeat means make your actions your habit. Rather than practising it for only a day or two, practising it every day truly contributes. In the military, preparation is believed to be more challenging than the actual war. 

Similarly, work hard and consistently in your preparation days to get remarkable results. No work is glamorous. Although consistency looks boring, the results it gives are glamorous. Whatever you’re studying, revise it consistently. 

3. Think Like an Entrepreneur

When studying for the UPSC examination, look for why you’re studying so hard. With an understanding of any concept, it will help you for a lifetime. 

For example, you must have studied multiplication in primary school. The concept of multiplication, addition, and subtraction are still helping you in the UPSC syllabus. Therefore, it is essential to read to the essence. It will enhance your understanding and save a lot of your time. 

4. There are Five Senses 

While preparing for the UPSC exam, use all five senses in your preparation. It will help you understand things better and ensure easy and fast learning. For example, when you’re writing in a notebook, you are using your ability to touch and see. Study by speaking includes your speaking sense. If you add more to it and start by speaking while writing, you incorporate all your senses. It’s always better to engage all your senses in one thing as it utilises a larger part of your brain, increasing the ability to learn things faster. 

5. Heart follows the head 

While studying for UPSC, there are times when we get bored and struggle to study. This is when you should listen to your head and let your heart follow it. Rather than quitting, cross the resistance area with full bravery, and your heart will find its way. It will not just boost your learning speed but your overall enthusiasm. 

Learn, Retain, Train! 

Do you know teaching somebody is the best way to learn, retain, and train yourself for that particular topic? Experts have already adopted this method of learning things well in advance. 


One of the most challenging exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission is the Union Public Service Commission Exam. The UPSC Prelims are entirely objective. However, all nine UPSC Mains test papers are descriptive. This exam includes a lot of learning; therefore, understanding how to learn anything five times faster can help. 

In this article, we explored five excellent ways how you can learn anything faster. Along with these five tips and tricks, it takes a strong desire to succeed, consistent practice, and some coaching.

Apart from this, make sure you have all the required books because they can significantly change your journey to become a topper. 

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