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Best Tips to Make Time by Waking Up Early in the Morning

Are you planning to appear in the UPSC exams this year? You might already know that UPSC is one of the country’s most popular and toughest examinations conducted by the Union Public Service Commission as the Union Public Service Commission Exam. The UPSC Prelims are entirely objective. However, the UPSC Mains test papers, all nine of them, are descriptive. 

As a civil services aspirant, you might be in turmoil about managing your time, especially when you know that sometimes even 10 hours a day feels like too short a time for study and practice for the UPSC exams. There is a larger number of students who believe in studying at night. However, they do miss the benefits of waking up early in the morning and studying. 

Tips and tricks to study early in the morning – UPSC

Here are some essential tips and tricks you can use to get those extra 2-3 hours of study. 

Calm beyond compare

Rather than comparing yourself with others, try to calm your mind in your free time. This will help you attain good sleep and wake up early. The best time to wake up is by 4 am or by 5 am. During this time, since you have had proper rest overnight, your body will be relaxed and you will have more energy. Also, the brain functions better after the rest.

Learn to say No 

When you are preparing for the civil services exam, the first thing you need to learn is to say “No”. Since you will be waking up at 4-5 am and it is important to sleep for a good 7-8 hours at night—neural circuits are built during the night when you sleep—you will have to sacrifice a lot of things. Chief among them would be friends, family, get-togethers, parties, even social media. This is a hard habit to build, but you will have to learn to say no to anything that will take away your time.

Sleep well 

Sleeping well is extremely important. Aspirants often tend to compromise on their sleep and believe it will save them time. However, it is important to understand that the human body needs a sleep of 7-8 hours to function properly. Choose the same place and time for sleep. This will help your body get into a pattern and also improve the overall sleep quality. A great way to sleep well is to take an eye cover and sleep. Do not sleep with open lights. 

Get help 

The best thing you can do is ask your family members to wake you up in the morning. If you’re away from family, use alarm apps. Make sure you keep the alarm at a distance. Jump out of your bed rather than snoozing. 

Know why? 

The human body has circadian rhythms, which react according to the hormonal cycles. One amongst the many is cortisol. It is involved in determining your biorhythms. When you wake up at 4-5 am, you’re in tandem with your body’s hormones, which results in better productivity. 

Other important tips 

  • Tell your brain to wake up at 4 am. 

  • Do not have excess food at night. 

  • Drink warm water with lime and honey, which boosts energy in the morning. 

  • Take a deep breath. Oxygen in 

  • Make a small mental note about how you are feeling. 


The UPSC examination is one of the most difficult examinations in India. It is conducted in various stages, and once you’re able to clear one stage, you can move to the other. So you should be focused and determined enough to give your best shot. You should free yourself from all distractions. You should also have a good timetable and adhere to it.

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