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Relief Structure of Ocean Floor - Oceanography
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Various relief features exist on the oceanic floor, which has been well explained by Bhanwar in this lesson. Watch this lesson to know more.

Bhanwar Singh
Ex- National Defence Academy (115 Course) Cleared Civil Services Examination, 2012

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Hello Sir ..DO we need to refer anything else for world geography or this course is sufficient?
DO we need to refer anything else for world geography or this course is sufficient//
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  1. CRASH COURSE-WORLD GEOGRAPHY Presented by - Bhanwar Singh Sirohi


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  4. RELIEF FEATURES OF THE OCEAN These are result of various geomorphic processes such as volcanic eruption, erosional, depositional and tectonic processes The Ocean Basin Relief is divided into The Continental Shelf The Continental Slope The Continental Rise The Deep Sea Plain or Abyssal Plain Other major and minor relief features in the oceanic floors like hills, guyots, mounts, trenches, canyons, etc are found over the abyssal plain

  5. Sea Surface Continental Shelf 200 m_- Volcanic Island Continental Slope 2.000 to 3,000 m. Continental Rise Abyssal Plain 4,000 to 6,0oo m Submarine Ridge -Oceanic Trench 10.000 m--

  6. THE CONTINENTAL SHELF Shelf like zone extending from the shore beneath the ocean's surface to a point at which a marked increase in slope angle occurs, which is called shelf break Average depth is 150 to 200 m Slope angle is 1 to 3 towa rds the sea or the ocean Average width is about 70 km Cove rs about 8.5% of the area of the oceans Major fishing grounds are located on the shallow continental shelf. For eg. Dogger bank, George bank, etc Maximum Continental Shelf-Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean

  7. THE CONTINENTAL SLOPE It extends from the shelf break to the deep sea plain Slope angle varies from 20 to 50 but at certain places it also reaches to 60 Depth varies from 200m to 2000m and exceptionally to 3600m It occupies only 8.5% of the total area of the ocean basin There is absence of sedimentation on the continental slope The boundary between the continental slope and the continental shelf is called Andesite Line

  8. DEEP SEA PLAIN Also known as Abyssal Plain Gently sloping areas of the ocean basin It a flat zone with depth of about 3000m to 6000m It cove rs about 76% of the oceanic floor It is maximum in Pacific ocean Other characteristic features found on Abyssal Plains include Volcanic Mountains, Guyots, Ridges, Trenches, Hills, etc

  9. FAMOUS TRENCHES TRENCH Mariana Trench or Challenger Deep Tonga Trench Aleutian Trench Kuril Trenclh Java or Sunda Trench Jeffrey Trench Porto Rico LOCATION North Pacific Ocean Central South Pacific Ocean Bering Sea Pacific Ocean (near Japan) Indian Ocean East Indian Ocean Atlantic Ocean (Off West Indies)

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