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Migration - Miscellaneous
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Migration is national and international phenomenon and this has been dealt with in this lesson by Bhanwar along with its advantages and disadvantages. Watch it out to know more.

Bhanwar Singh
Ex- National Defence Academy (115 Course) Cleared Civil Services Examination, 2012

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Respected Sir,Can You please tell me Top 5 post preferences in CGL,for which no CPT or Physical test is required so that i can get job directly after Tier-3 and Document verification.PLEASE SIR PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Sheetal Sharma
2 years ago ( most important gk questions for SSC chsl and cgl
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god revision course for me thanks sir again
god revision course for me thanks sir again
  1. CRASH COURSE-WORLD GEOGRAPHY Presented by - Bhanwar Singh Sirohi


  3. ABOUT ME BA. (Hons) in Law from Awadh University I Defence Academy (115 Course) Cleared Civil Services Examination, 2012 Hobbies - Writing Poetry Course Fee Contribute Follow me on Unacademy at:

  4. MIGRATION It is the movement of people from one place to another It is component of population change along with fertility and mortality There are different types of migration which includes Seasonal Migration Rural to Urban Migration Urban to Rural Migration International Migration Immigration: Migration to a location Emigration: Migration from a location


  6. FACTORS TO MIGRATE PUSH FACTORS Few Jobs war Political Instability PULL FACTORS Better Health Care Better political environment Job Opportunities Education Safety Famine Natural Disasters

  7. LAW OF MIGRATION Ravenstein proposed a theory about human migration. Every migration flow generates a return or counterm igration The majority of migrants move a short distance Migrants who move longer distances tend to choose big city destinations or major centres of economic activity Urban residents are less migratory Families are less likely to make international migration than young adults

  8. ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES IMMIGRANT COUNTRY IMMIGRANT COUNTRY Rich and diverse culture Reduction in labour shortages Cheap labour Increased cost of service Overcrowding Diversity brings disagreements EMMIGRANT COUNTRY EMMIGRANT COUNTRY Reduction in country's potential Remittances Decreased pressure on lobs & resources Counter migration of skilled labour workforce Gender imbalances Brain Drain

  9. DESTINATION AND ORIGIN TOP 5 COUNTRIES OF DESTINATION United States of America Russian Federation Germany Saudi Arabia Canada TOP 5 COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN Mexico India Russian Federation China Ukraine

  10. REMITTANCES This is the funds that are transferred by migrant workers to their home country TOP FIVE REMITTANCE RECIPIENT COUNTRIES India China Mexico Philippines France