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Interior Structure of the Earth - Physical Geography
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In this lesson Bhanwar explains the internal structure of the earth, various sources of information through which earth's internal structure is known and the layers in which the earth is divided internally.

Bhanwar Singh
Ex- National Defence Academy (115 Course) Cleared Civil Services Examination, 2012

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Respected dear tania madam, kindly consider/solve hard and some typical questions also in your videos.
Tania Alam
a year ago
I think this video only has the theoretical questions. That's because of the order they were sorted. I sort the questions according to the year and sometimes I get only theoretical questions or 1 mark questions together which I cover in a single video. But be assured that all questions from GATE will be taken up, be it easy or hard.
any one plz clear my concept about sial - sima mentioned in ncert but in mrunal videos she says this information is outdated never mention in mains answer sheet ..
Vishwender Singh
3 years ago
Yeah bro this is outdated concept but we have to study older theories also that's why we have to study edward suisse model too.
Vishwender Singh
3 years ago
Now new theory says Continental Crust is made up from SiAl (Granite) and Ocean Crust is made up from SiMa (Basalt).Along with upper mantle is known as Lithosphere and which is floating on semi molten layer known as Asthenosphere
a year ago
sial means silicone+aluminum and sima means silicone + magnesium ....layers of crust
Great course. Looking forward for courses in Human geography and Indian geography as well.Thank you sir for your inspiring effort.
Great course. Explained with high degree of clarity.
sir please do Indian geography crash course.please sir
sir i read that ( sial - sima ) concept is now failed in mrunal geo videos so plz clear my concept .
  1. CRASH COURSE-WORLD GEOGRAPHY Presented by - Bhanwar Singh Sirohi


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  4. INTERIOR STRUCTURE OF THE EARTH can be understood only by the indirect evidences The earth's radius is 6371 kms Almost impossible to reach the centre of the earth Our knowledge about the internal structure of the earth is thus based on analogies and inferences Though a part of information is obtained through direct observations and analysis of materials

  5. SOURCES OF INFORMATION DIRECT SOURCES Deep Ocean Drilling Project Integrated Ocean Drilling Project Volcanic Eruptions INDIRECT SOURCES Changes in Temperature, Pressure and Density Meteors Gravitation and Magnetic Field Seismology


  7. INTERNAL STRUCTURE CRUST Density 2.8 Depth (Km) CRUST Outer thin layer with thickness varying from 5 to 30 km. Some other sources estimate its thickness upto 100 km 3.0 30 UPPER MANTLE 4.3 700 Formed by SAI Outer Covering is of sedimentary rocks and below lies crystalline, igneous and metamorphic rocks LOWER MANTLE 5.5 2900 OUTER 101 CORE Forms 0.5 percent of Earth's volume Average Density INNER 5150 12-13 CO RE Upper Crust - 2.8 Lower Crust 3.0 13.6 6371

  8. INTERNAL STRUCTURE MANTLE Density 2.8 Depth (Km) CRUST 3.0 30 Its lies below Crust upto 2900 km Formed mainly of Basalt rock Formed by Sima Forms 84 percent of Earth's volume Average Densi UPPER MANTLE 4.3 700 LOWER MANTLE 5.5 2900 OUTER 10CORE Average Density NNER 5150 Upper Mantle 4.3 Lower Mantle-5.5 12-13 CO- RE 13.6 6371

  9. INTERNAL STRUCTURE CORE Density 2.8 Depth Km CRUST Innermost layer of the earth Lies between 2900 km and 6371 km below the surface of the earth Composed of NiFe Responsible for the earth's magnetism Made Up of heavy materials resulting in its high density Average Density Outer Core-10.0 3.0 30 UPPER MANTLE 4.3 700 LOWER MANTLE 5.5 2900 OUTER 10 CORE INNER 5150 12-13 CO RE Innermost Part-13.6 13.6 6371

  10. DISCONTINUITIES These are boundaries between the different layers of the Earth, which represents difference in physical and chemical properties of the Earth's interior DISCONTINUITIES Conrad UPPER MANTLE Motorovicic DISCONTINUITY CONRAD MOHOROVICIC REPETTI WEICHERT GUTENBERG LEHMAN LIES BETWEEN THE LAYERS Outer Crust Crust Upper Mantle Lower Mantle Mantle LOWER MANTLE Repetti Inner Crust Mantle Weichert OUTER Gutenberg CORE Core Lehman CO- RE Outer Core Inner Core