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Overview - Crash Course of World Geography
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This lesson has been designed to give an overview of the crash course designed by Bhanwar of World Geography.

Bhanwar Singh
Ex- National Defence Academy (115 Course) Cleared Civil Services Examination, 2012

Unacademy user
Very well Explained... Excellent
sir , there is no need to make the request ............... you deserves the 5 star rating.................. though I have not gone through all the courses but I must say the very 1st chapter :ie overview is itself very much impressive......... such a sorted and refined view...
sir m confuse with my optional subject i want to take Assamese literature but source limited so sugggest me
Eagerly waiting for rest of the lessons sir. Lovely series indeed, great work and hats off to you sir for making such a valuable videos. God bless you .
Sir, please make crash courses on parts of geography as well like Indian geography, Human geography etc. Thanks a ton!
sir m confuse with my optional subject i want to take Assamese literature but source limited so sugggest me
2 years ago
you should take an opinion from a senior who has been with that optional, and about the resources don't anxious moreover it will be beneficial for u as it limited. try to utilize those resources as per the maximum output.
Antu Das
2 years ago
tumi jdi assamese literature lobo bisara tente tumi graduationt assamese literature lua hobo lagibo...& also success rate is optional is also same. but unfortunately there is noone in unacademy who going will going to help us...i am also finding a senior since last 3year.
  1. CRASH COURSE-WORLD GEOGRAPHY Presented by - Bhanwar Singh Sirohi


  3. About me BA. (Hons) in Law from Awadh University I Defence Academy (115 Course) Cleared Civil Services Examination, 2012 Hobbies - Writing Poetry Course Fee Contribute Follow me on Unacademy at:

  4. Target audience Anybody who is preparing for Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC State Service Examination Other Competitive Examination such as NDA, CDS, SSC, Railways a Important for those who have interest in Understanding the World Geography Knowing various geomorphic process Other processes of Climatology or Oceanography

  5. Lesson Plan GEOMORPHOLOGY Lesson 1: Internal Structure of the Earth 2: Continental Drift Th Lesson 3 : Paleomagnetism and Plate Tectonics Lesson 4 : Mountain Building Lesson 5 : Earthquake and Volcanoes Lesson 6 : Rocks, Weathering and Erosion Lesson 7 : Fluvial and Glacial Landforms Lesson 8 : Marine, Arid and Karst Landforms

  6. Lesson Plan CLIMATOLOGY Lesson 9 : Atmospheric Structure Lesson 10 Pressure Belts and Winds Lesson 1 1 : Jet Streams, Air Masses and Fronts Lesson 12: Cyclones Lesson 12 Cyclones Lesson 13: Humidity and Precipitation Lesson 14 : Climatic Regions

  7. Lesson Plan OCEANOGRAPHY Lesson 15 : Relief Feature of Oceanic Floor Lesson 16 : Salinity and Temperature Distribution Lesson 17 : Ocean Currents and El Nino-La Nina Lesson 18 : Tides and Coral Bleaching Lesson 19 : UNCLOS and Marine Pollution a Leson 17 : Ocecan Currents and El Nino -La Nina

  8. Lesson Plan BIOGEOGRAPHY Lesson 20: Soil Profile Lesson 21 : Biotic Regions Lesson 22 : Deforestation and Conservation Lesson 23 : Environmental Pollution MISCELLANEOUS Lesson 24: Races and Tribes a Lesson 25: Migrati Lesson 26 : Types of Agriculture Lesson 25 : Migration

  9. What You Will Learn what YOu VVill Lear The various theories of geomorphologic phenomenon such as Continental Drift Theory, Sea floor Spreading and Plate Tectonics Geomorphologic characteristics over the surface of the earth such as Mountains, Volcanoes, Earthquakes climatic phenomenon and the causative factors such as humidity, cyclones, fronts, air masses, etc Oceanic floor relief structure and also various other phenomenon of Oceans such as Coral Bleaching, Ocean Water Currents, Tides, etc Biotic Regions, Races, Tribes, etc

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