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Climatic Regions - Climatology
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In this lesson, Bhanwar has explained the climatic divisions of the earth. The earth has been divided into various climatic zones which you will understand after watching this lesson.

Bhanwar Singh
Ex- National Defence Academy (115 Course) Cleared Civil Services Examination, 2012

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madam...Gujarwada and Bandarsi dri both are in Ajmer...please correct me if I m worng
instead of just reading out the contents in the slide,it will be helpfull if you explain how those climates are classified and how to remember
sir should we memorize all the climatic regions as per Koeppens classification
Sir, How to remember such huge data? Please put some light on this aspect as well
and sir thanks for good video very easy to understand compare to NCERT BOOK
sir which type of question asked by this video.
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  4. CLIMATE It is the general or average weather conditions of an area over a period of time Weather includes temperature, rainfall, wind, etc and it is determined by latitude, effect of continentality, altitudes, etc Keoppen recognized five major climatic regions, out of which four are based on temperature and one on precipitation capital letter B represents dry climate designated by small letters I letters A, C, D and E represents humid climates and These five climatic regions are sub-divided into six types,

  5. CLIMATE MAP ATLANTIC PACIFIC OCEAN PACIFIC OCEAN Meo NDIAN OCEAN Tropical Dry Moderate Continental polar Tundra Ice cap Highlands Tropical wet Humid continental Tropical wet and dry -kid Humid subtropical Subarctic Marine west coast

  6. A' Type of Climate TROPICAL CLIMATE Mean monthly temperature remains generally above 22 C Average temperature of the coldest month is 1 8"C or higher Annual range of temperature is low and annual rainfall is high Further classified into Af': Tropical Wet Climate (No dry season) Am, Tropical Monsoon Climate (Monsoonal, Short dry season) Aw": Tropical Wet and Dry Climate (Winter dry season)

  7. 'B' Type of Climate DRY CLIMATE Very low rainfall and general water deficit Annual precipitation is less than potential evaporation a Covers a very large area over latitudes from 15 to 60 North and South of equator Further classified into "BSh': Tropical Steppe Climate (Low latitude semi-arid) 'Bwh": Tropical Desert Climate (Low latitude arid) 'BSk: Middle latitude Cold Steppe Climate (Mid latitude semi arid) 'Bwk": Middle latitude Cold Desert Climate (Mid latitude arid)

  8. C' Type of Climate WARM TEMPERATURE CLIMATE Generally have warm summers with mild winters Extends from 30 to 50 latitudes mainly on the Eastern and Western margins of the continents Further classified into a Extends from 30 to 50 latiftudes mainly on the Eastern and Western 'Cwa': Humid Sub-tropical Climate (Winter dry, warm summer) 'Cs': Mediterranean Climate (Dry hot summer) cfa": Humid Sub-tropical climate (No dry season, warm summer) 'Cfb': Marine West coast climate (No dry season, warm & cool summer)

  9. D' and E' Type of Climate "D'-COLD SNOW FOREST CLIMATE Occur in large continental areas between 40 to 70 North latitudes Further sub-divided into 'Df: Cold Climate with humid winters (No dry season, severe winter) 'Dw': Cold climate with dry winters (Winter dry and very severe) 'E'-POLAR CLIMATE It exists poleward beyond 70 latitude Further subdivided into ET: Tundra (No true summer) 'EF': Polar lce Cap (Perennial ice)

  10. H' Type of Climate HIGHLAND CLIMATE The climate types differs in highlands There is layering of climate type according to the elevation of the mountain and its location a It is governed by topography