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Races and Tribes - Miscellaneous
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This lesson by Bhanwar has detailed description of various races which are found on the earth along with important tribes from around the world.

Bhanwar Singh
Ex- National Defence Academy (115 Course) Cleared Civil Services Examination, 2012

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  1. CRASH COURSE-WORLD GEOGRAPHY Presented by - Bhanwar Singh Sirohi


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  4. RACES This is anthropological classification of mankind which is based upon is is anthropological cdlassification of mankind which is based up physical attributes of humans such as difference in stature, colour, features and proportions of skull The features used to study races are Colour of the Skin Hair Stature which includes Mean height Skull a Important to note that in facial features Ear is not included to study the races

  5. CAUCASOID Light complexion Colours of hair ranges from brown to black Medium to High structure Thin lips Indigenous of Europe, North Africa, South West Asia and Indian Sub-continent Important Races in this class are Nordic tall, blond, blue- eyed, long headed, light skin Alpine-shorter, narrow shoulder, darker than Nordics, broad and small forehead, small eyebrows, deep grey eyes Mediterranean moderate to short height, long or moderate skull, curved nose, dark hair, dark eyes, olive complexion

  6. MONGOLOID Yellowish-brown complexion Straight black hair Dark eyes with pronounced epicanthic folds Short nose and prominent cheekbones Important races of this class are Asian Mongol - found in China, Japan and India Micronesian-high headed, thick lips, yellow or brown skin, hair on head and short statured, found in Eastern islands of Melanesia

  7. NEGROID Called first human race by some scholars and ancient inhabitants of India Chocolate brown to black colour a Tightly curled hair Broad nose, thick lips a High Head, Less than average height Important races of this class are Negro found in Africa Far Eastern Pygmy-found in South Pacific islands Bushmen and Hottentot-found in Kalahari desert of Africa

  8. PROTO-AUSTROLOIDS They are thought to be founders of Indus Valley Civilization Curly hairs Average or less than average height Broad nose, Dark skin Thick lip s and long head They are seen in upper peninsular plateau region in India. For example, Gonds and Bhils of Central India

  9. IMPORTANT TRIBES OF THE WORLD ABOROGINES-Native of Australia BANTU-Negritos of Central Africa CHUKCHI-Mongoloids of Chukchi peninsula HAN-Original inhabitants of Nigeria INNUIT-Eskimos of North America KURD-Pastoral nomads of Iran, Iraq, Armenia, Turkey, Syria and Ajerbaijan P - Coucasoids of N. Scandivania, Sweden, N.F N.W. Russia RED INDIANS-Original inhabitants of America

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