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In this lesson we asked questions to the learners.

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sir nature of the roots to ek bar plz explain kr dijiye
mam agr m Avi subscription lungi to Jo pehle see chl rhe Hai course to use kaise cover krungi..qki wo to peche reh gye Hai...mam plz clear kigiye
Shalini mishra
7 months ago
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1 d 2 a 3 c 4 d 5 c 6 c 7 a 8 a 9 a 10 c 11 d 12 c
1 d 2 a 3 c 4 d 5 c 6 c 7 a 8 a 9 a 10 c 11 d 12 c

  2. Q 1: Who opined this? "Status is rank-order position assigned by group to a role or a set of roles" . (a) Maclver (b)K. Davis . (c) Lundberg (d) Ogburn and Nimkoff

  3. . Q 2: Which is not a characteristic of'" ascribed" status? (a) They require charismatic qualities . (b) They are filed through incidence of birth . (c)They can be predicted at the movement of birth * (d) They are assigned to individual by birth without preference to their innate differences or abilities

  4. Q 3 : Which of the following does not constitute a social role? .(a) A professor in his class . (b) A worker in a factory (c) A thief who loots a car (d) A policeman patrolling the city

  5. . Q4 : The concepts of role and status were first systematically developed by (a) Malinowski * (b) Parsons .(c) R.E. Park . (d) Ralph Linton

  6. Q 5 : Who maintained "role" is the dynamic aspect of status? . (a) Page . (b) Robert Redfield (c) R. Linton (d) Max Weber

  7. Q 6: The concept of" role" in sociology refers to... . (a) Position aspect of the individual . (b) Static aspect of the individual (C) Behavioral component of status . (d) Normative aspect of behavior

  8. Q 7 : Which among the following is not ascribed status? (a) Knowledge (b) Age (c) Sex . (d) Caste

  9. Q 8: Roles.. (a) Never exist in isolation . (b) Often exist in isolation (c) May exist in isolation * (d) Always exist in isolation

  10. . Q9: The concept of "social structure" deals the interconnectedness of part, but the debatable issue in sociology is what parts are of fundamental importance According to R. Brown" social structure" refers to. (a) Culture satisfied the basic and derived needs of the individual .(b) The parts of society fulfill the individual needs . (c) A set of inter-personal relations existing at a particular time and place . (d) An assemblage of inter-group relationship

  11. Q 11: Who said that social structure is concerned with the forms of inter relationship between various units rather than with units? "(a) G. P. Murdock (b) M. Marriott (c) Parsons (d) Maclver