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In this lesson we discuss about the mcqs of different important topics.

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Shalini mishra
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  2. Which of the following is not correctly matched? (A) The Decline of the West - Spengler (B) A Study of History - Toynbee e (C) The Holy Family - Max Weber . (D) The Remebered Village M. N. Srinivas . (Ans: C)

  3. Those beliefs and forms of behaviour that are expected of any normal member of a society are called- (A) Cultural universals . (B) Cultural absolutes . (C) Culture complex (D) Culture-traits .(Ans : D)

  4. 9. Sorokin classified relationships into three types Which of the following is not included in his list? . (A) Family relationship (B) Contractual relationship e (C) Voluntary relationship (D) Compulsory relationship (Ans : A)

  5. e network of patterned human behaviour that is the product of interaction and that at the same time, guides interaction is called o (A) Social organisation (B) Social system . (C) Social structure (D) Social integration (Ans : B)

  6. 11. Proximity to nature is a characteristic feature of- - (A) Agrarian society (B) Urban society e (C) Industrial society e (D) Post-industrial society .(Ans : A)

  7. The total organisation of social life within a limited area may be termed as- .(A) A community (B) An association e (C) An institution (D) A society . (Ans : A)

  8. 13. Who said, "Statuses are occupied, but roles are played"? (A) Linton (B) Bendix . (C) Maclver . (D) Bierstedt . (Ans : A)

  9. hich of the following will not be considered as Primary group? .(A) Famil (B) Peer Group . (C) Neighbourhood (D) Crowd (Ans : B)

  10. 15. Which group of the following thinkers is related to linear theory of social change? . (A) Comte, Pareto, Marx (B) Pareto, Spengler, Marx e (C) Marx, Ogburn, Comte o (D) Marx, Sorokin, Pareto (Ans : B)

  11. s per Hindu Dharrnsastra marriage between a Brahmin woman and a man from 'Vaishya Varna' is called- (A) Pratiloma e (B) Anuloma . (C) Exogamy . (D) Love marriage (Ans : A)

  12. #18. Who wrote the book 'Hindu Sanskar'? .(A) Raj Bali Pandey . (B) G.S. Ghurye . (C) S.C. Dubey (D) K.M. Kapadia (Ans : A)

  13. 013-Who wrote the book 'Sadhus of India' ? (A) I.P. Desai (B) S.C. Dubey (C) G.S. Ghurye . (D) B.D. Tripathi (Ans: C)

  14. 20. According to whom culture is the memory of the human race? . (A) Ross (B) Gnaniecki o (C) Charles Page (D) G.S. Ghurye . (Ans D)

  15. -21. To which one of the following the process of Sanskritization is related? (A) Religious group (B) Ingroup o (C) Reference group . (D) Primary group . (Ans : C)

  16. 2..who propounded the concept of 'Relative Deprivation'? . (A) R. K. Merton (B) Cooley (C) Gillin and Gillin (D) Talcott Parsons .(Ans : A)

  17. 23. Who is of the view that Potential for personal development is crushed in advanced industrial societies? 2 (A) Marcuse o (B) Marx (C) Weber (D) Durkheim (Ans : B)

  18. 24. "Culture is a configuration of behaviour and the results of behaviour, whose component elements are shared and transmitted by the member of a particular Society." Identify the thinker- (A) Ralf Linton . (B) E. B. Tylor . (C) R. Bierstedt (D) Herskovits (Ans: A)

  19. 25. The success of planned change in a democratic society is possible only through- . (A) Legislation (B) Compulsory Participation . (C) Voluntary Participation (D) Public Cooperation (Ans D)

  20. adel's conception of social phenomena is based on three criteria. Which one of the following is not included in his list? (A) Repetitiveness of the social phenomena (B) Durability of the social phenomena (C) Moving equilibrium (D) Uniqueness of the social phenomena (Ans : B)

  21. e28. The book 'The Sociological Imagination' was written by- - (A) Maclver and Page .(B) T.B. Bottomore . (C) M.N. Srinivas . (D) C. Wright Mills (Ans D)

  22. 29. The aim of Sociology is to treat social facts as things." The statements is given by- (A) Ginsberg (B) Simmel (C) Ogburn (D) Durkheim (Ans: D)

  23. 30. Who among the following wrote the book 'Indian Village'? (A) R.K. Mukherjee . (B) D. . Mukherjee . (C) P.C. Joshi (D) S.C. Dube . (Ans: D)

  24. #31. 'Society is a relation among personal ideas. Identify the thinker- (A) Mead (B) Spencer (C) Cooley (D) Baldwin (Ans : D)

  25. 3a- ho has defined that-Atommmunityrsan area o social living marked by some degree of social coherence"? . (A) Manzer (B) Maclver and Page (C) Davis (D) Kimball Young (Ans: B)

  26. 33. According to Dahrendorf the principal source of conflict in modern industrial societies is- . (A) Economic interest .(B) Authority relations (C) Class interest . (D) Caste interest (Ans : B)

  27. 34, Who among the following propounded the concept of 'internal and external conflict' (A) Lewis Coser - (B) Weber e (C) R. Dahrendorf (D) George Simmel . (Ans : A)