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In this lesson we will discuss about the important questions related with some important topics.

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Shalini mishra
A passionate teacher, NET qualified, UGC NET Qualified. 9 years of teaching experience. Love to give my knowledge to all students in need.

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mam i have allen dlp of biology i am in class 11 should i study from ncert only or use the module for aiims preparation? please help me mam
Ayush, I understand that students have various doubts related what to study for AIIMS. For Biology, 50-56 questions will be NCERT based only for biology, so I'll advice you to prepare for Biology this way- 1.Read a topic from NCERT, line by line and try to understand and memorize it. 2. Once you complete a topic, read that topic from your Allen package and you'll notice that most of it is the explaination of what's given in NCERT. Write the extra information in your NCERT book in the blank space next to the topic, not the whole extra info just as short notes. You can also use sticky notes, they're my favorite :) 3. Complete chapter like this. 4. Before NEET-2019, please make sure that you revise each chapter of Bio 20-25 times from NCERT and the extra info that you've written down. I know this sounds a lot, but it isn't. Only the first 5 revision will take time, the rest will be a cake walk for you. This is the best way to prepare. Try doing it. As each and every question matters if you want AIIMS due to their limited number of seats you'll need extra information but primary focus should always be NCERT :)
Rajdeep Singha
6 months ago
wow...this method is very helpful. thanks mam to be here in unacademy
mam lesson Bhut achha h bt I request ki aap question ka Hindi bhi bta diya kriye

  2. Q1: who has defined society "as a system of usages and procedures, of authority and mutual aid, of many groupings and divisions, of control of human behavior and of liberty, all ever changing? a) Maclver b) Giddings c) A.W. Green d) John F. Cobber

  3. Q2: Which of the following is the correct statement about society? . a) An agglomeration of people b) A grope of people bound by discipline . c) An association which regulates membership . d) An association patterned on the norms of inter-action

  4. * Q4: Whose definition about society is this: a complex of forms or processes each of which is living and growing by interaction with the others the whole being so unified that takes place in one part affects all the rest? . a) Maclver & Page b) I.F. Cuber * c) W.L. Thomas d) C.H. Cooley

  5. Of the state: . a) Purpose . b) background c) Jurisdiction d) all of these

  6. Q.6 The Grope Mind was the basis of society who initiated this idea? . a) Plato . b) Maclver c) Mc Douglas .d) Hegel

  7. Q7. Origin of society was due to: a) Force b) God's will . c) Evolution . d) None of these

  8. Q8. No social relationship can exist without: o a) face to face presence of the individuals b) Physical awareness of the presence of another . C) Likeness of interests d) carrying common life activates

  9. Q9. Which of the following statements is true? * a) Society means likeness * b) Society implies differences * c) Society means mutual aid d) Society involves both likeness and difference

  10. Q10. Which of the following is the element of difference between community and society? a) Definite locality *b) a group of persons . c) Likeness of interest * d) Sentiment of oneness

  11. Q12. Animals also need society to: a) Satisfy their physical need b) Promote and preserve their culture .c) Organize themselves into groups d) Develop their mental faculties

  12. Q14. Who of the following is not author of the Group Mind Theory of Society? a) Harold J. Laski * b) Mc Douglas . C) Emerson . d) Wagner