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In this lesson we discuss about the mcqs related with basic concepts.

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Thank you. Keep learning.

  2. Ihe success of planned change in a democratic society is possible only through (A) Legislation (B) Compulsory Participation e (C) Voluntary Participation . (D) Public Cooperation . (Ans: D)

  3. adel s conception of social phenomena is based on three criteria. Which one of the following is not included in his list? o(A) Repetitiveness of the social phenomena (B) Durability of the social phenomena (C) Moving equilibrium (D) Uniqueness of the social phenomena . (Ans: B)

  4. 27. Who gave the concept of 'Nonmaterial culture'? . (A) Sorokin (B) Max Weber . (C) Pareto (D) Ogburn (Ans D)

  5. 28. The book The Sociological Imagination' was written by- (A) Maclver and Page (B) T.B. Bottomore . (C) M.N. Srinivas . (D) C. Wright Mills . (Ans : D)

  6. 29. The aim of Sociology is to treat social facts as things." The statements is given by (A) Ginsberg (B) Simmel . (C) Ogburn (D) Durkheim . (Ans : D)

  7. 30. Who among the following wrote the book 'Indian Village'? -(A) R. . Mukherjee . (B) D. . Mukherjee . (C) P.C. Joshi (D) S.C. Dube (Ans: D)

  8. 31. Society is a relation among personal ideas. Identify the thinker- (A) Mead (B) Spencer o (C) Cooley (D) Baldwin . (Ans: D)

  9. 0 has definedthat"A ITI areaO social living marked by some degree of social coherence"? (A) Manzer - (B) MacIver and Page e (C) Davis . (D) Kimball Young e (Ans : B)

  10. ccording to Dahrendorf the principal source of . conflict in modern industrial societies is- (A) Economic interest (B) Authority relations e (C) Class interest - (D) Caste interest (Ans : B)

  11. 34, Who among the following propounded the concept of 'internal and external conflict' (A) Lewis Coser - (B) Weber e (C) R. Dahrendorf (D) George Simmel . (Ans : A)

  12. 35. Which one of the following is a disassociative social process? . (A) Modernization (B) Cooperation .(C) Competition (D) Assimilation (Ans : C)

  13. 6.The concept of 'Dominant Caste' first appeared in- (A) The Dominant Caste in Ramapura - (B) Homo Hierarchicus - (C) The social system of A Mysore Village . (D) Caste Dominance and Factionalism (Ans : A)

  14. #37. Which one of the following writers has used the 3 2 the study of Western Societies? concept of caste in . (A) W. . (B) Karl Marx e (C) Max Weber (D) O.C. Cox L, Warner (Ans : A)

  15. ho has written the book "Nature of Sociological Theory: An Action Approach"? o (A) P. Sorokin (B) T. Parsons . (C) B.D. Tripathi (D) E.B. Tylor (Ans : B)

  16. 39. In which year Sixth Five Year Plan was started? (A) 1977 AI .(B) 1979 AD. . (C) 1980 AD. (D) 1982 AD. .(Ans : C)

  17. Name the author of the book Delinquency Areas'- . (A) Park and Burgess (B) R. Shaw and others e (C) E. R. Mowrer . (D) N. S. Hayner (Ans : A)

  18. T Who wrote the book Street Corner Society? . (A) Franz Alexander (B) William Whyte (C) Frederic Thrasher (D) George Vold (Ans : B)

  19. 2 ti s rrss tdeee aeyyyy h il 6 8 9 21 n111 12. ABCD

  20. 43. A four year old boy has stabbed his cousin brother The act of the boy will be called (A) Crime (B) Juvenile delinquency (C) White collar crime (D) None of the above (Ans : D)

  21. 44. Who is of the view that "Deviance cannot be dismissed simply as a behaviour which disrupts stability in society, but may itself be, in controlled qualities an important condition for preserving stability"? e (A) Merton (B) Erikson . (C) Parsons . (D) Mowrer (Ans : C)

  22. 45. The Theory of Differential Association' in criminology was propounded by . (A) Taft (B) Gillin and Gillin . (C) Lombroso (D) Sutherland . (Ans D)

  23. octor kills his compounder. His act may be termed as- . (A) White collar crime (B) Crime . (C) Sin .(D) None of the above .(Ans: A)

  24. 47. Who treats conformity and deviance as two ends of the same scale? . (A) Durkheim .(B) Merton (C) Parsons e (D) Wallerstein (Ans : B)

  25. 48. Suicide by an individual who has detached himself from group life is called- (A) Egoistic (B) Altruistic . (C) Anomie (D) Pragmatic .(Ans: A)

  26. 49-Who said, "occupation and occupatiom alrone is responsible for the origin of the caste system"? (A) Nesfield . (B) Risley . (C) Ghurye . (D) Hocart (Ans : A)

  27. 50. Who gave the classification of society as militant and industrial? (A) Auguste Comt (B)2A. Sorokin . (C) Herbert Spencer (D) Karl Marx (Ans : C)