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20-Aug-2018 Part-3(in Hindi)
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I m from U.P. I have done my graduation from university of delhi in (H) Physics.. Aspirant of UPSC CSE..

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  2. PLEASE RATE, REVIEW SHARE & RECOMMEND FOLLOW ME ON UNACADEMY a Ishan Kumar O Ishan kumar Ishanee Akshda im trom UPave done my graduation om

  3. Sovereignty and sensitivity

  4. Sovereignty and sensitivity Given concems over Indian imhuence New Dehi must exerdise caution in the rur-up to Bhutan's ckctions overeignty and sensitivit Topic- GS Prelims,GSM2 a e Context-Given concerns over Indian influence, New Delhi must exercise caution e in the run-up to Bhutan's elections PIC CREDITTHE HINDU Page-9

  5. REVISITING POLICIES AND ISSUES.. The ensuing months may also be a useful interlude to revise India's Bhutan policy and address several issues that have come up in the past few years _for example, the hydropower projects where delays in constructing and commissioning in Bhutan by Indian companies have led to the country's burgeoning national debt. Although the government agreed to raise tariffs for the original hydro power plant in Chukha (by about 30 paisa per unit) in February this year, other tariffs will need to be renegotiated too.

  6. . In addition, India's power surplus status and the advent of other renewable energies like wind and solar power will make it more difficult for Bhutan to ensure that its hydropower sector becomes profitable. And unless India finds ways to help, it will be accused of the same sort of "debt-trapping" that China is accused of today. . India also needs to focus on policing cross-bordeir trade better. The goods and services tax still hurts Bhutanese exporters, and demonetisation has left lasting scars on the banking system.

  7. THE CHINA QUESTION.. . The biggest issue between India and Bhutan will remain how to deal with China. .The Doklam crisis has brought home many realities for the Bhutanese establishment. The first is that Doklam, which has long been discussed as part of a possible "package solution" to the Bhutan-China border dispute, could become a point of India-China conflagration, with Bhutan becoming a hapless spectator in the middle - again. Experts point out that China's actions since last June, to build a permanent military presence above the stand-off point, mean that Bhutan has a much reduced advantage in any forthcoming negotiations on the issue.

  8. "We will continue to discuss Doklam de jure, but the situation has changed drastically de facto," said one Bhutanese expert. After Mr. Modi's Wuhan outreach and several meetings witlh Chinese President Xi Jinping, Bhutan too has decided that there is little point in avoiding engagement with China. China's Vice Foreign Minister Kong Xuanyou's July visit to Thimphu was an outcome of this stance. Interestingly, these issues are reminiscent of the situation in September 1958 when Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru rney by yak acro Chumbi Valley to meet Bhutan's second king, Jigme Wangchuck.

  9. The trip took place amidst rising tensions with China, even as it gave special clearance for the delegation to cross into Doklam. As former Foreign Secretary Jagat S. Mehta wrote in his book, Negotiating for India: Resolving Problems Through Diplomacy:"The running anxiety during the 1960s for Bhutan was to steer its external relations with China by giving neither provocation nor the impression of getting into a bear hug of dependence with India. Both could jeopardise [Bhutan's] autonomy."

  10. . Since then, the Narendra Modi government's actions, indicating a preference for one party (for example, Sheikh Hasina's Adam League in Bangladesh) or antipathy for another (such as for Mahinda Rajapaksa's Sri Lanka Freedom Party), have been noted closely in Bhutan. .The government would be best advised to keep high- profile visits at an arms length from the election process, especially given that there will be several such visits after the National Assembly is chosen. Mr. Modi is expected to visit Thimphu once a new government is in place, and Bhutan's King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck is expected for a state visit this year too.