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04-Aug-2018 Part-1 Saturday Special (in Hindi)
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The Hindu Important news analysis..04aug2018

I m from U.P. I have done my graduation from university of delhi in (H) Physics.. Aspirant of UPSC CSE..

Unacademy user
sir Currently I am a student of B.Tech 4th year mechanical engineering. I am thinking to join made easy delhi after the completion of my graduation for ESE GATE combined. Mostly it will begin in June ... After which I will have 7 months for prelims. I am doubtful if I will be able to complete the course by then and have sufficient time for revision. Till now I have not undergone any preparation for it. Please suggest me what should I do... And is there any pre requisite that I need to do before joining the coaching. Thank you sir
Naveen Yadav
a year ago
if you join in MAY then join GATE + ESE batch if you join in June then join only gate batch no prerequisite required

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  3. ATURUAY, AUGUST 4, 2OIS DELHI CITY EDITION pagen 1000 Congress rasesV question ovr Raamitalo Mod: hurge Cauray Yatra 2 Mnangagwa wins the Ishant breathes fre,but rstelection sincethe England ights back TV jounalists forced to quit over story critical of Mod Khargell fRobert Mugabe age 1o to keep Test on edge PIC CREDIT-THE HINDU PAGE- I (FRONT)

  4. 1. CENTRE PUSHES FOR QUOTA IN PROMOTION FOR SC'S/ST'S (PAGE-11 TOPIC-GS PRELIMS,GSM2 Centre pushes for aquota in promotion for SCs/STs Cites historical deprivation, calls on Supreme Court to revisit 2006 Nagaraj ruling KRISHNADAS RAJAGOPAI NEW DELH celerated promotions with consequential seniority for It is madeclearthateven fthe reservation provision does not lead obliterate the creamy layer or State has compelling reasons, the SCs/STs in government Citing 000 of years of de- privation" suffered by Dalit the State will have to see that its communities, the govern ment on Friday began its to excessiveness so as to breach push for providing "acceler- the ceiling limit of 50% or ated promotion with conse- quential seniorityfor mm extend reservation indefinitely bers of the Scheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes (SCs/STs) employment services. Besides the Chief Justice, the Bench comprises Justices Kurian Joseph, Ro hinton Nariman, Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Indu Malho- tra. SUPREME COURT In the Nagaraj verdiet of 20OG iccess denied in public Attorney-General K.K. Venu gopal submitted that the Now, the government SCs/STs faced centuries of Courtesy a 2006 M. Naga such a reservation in promo- raj judgment of the Supreme tion would not affect the ov wants another five-judge deprivation at the hands of Court, the government can erall efficiency of public ad Constitution Bench, led by society. They had been de- not introduce a quota in pro ministration. The opinion of Chief Justice Dipak Misra, to prived of access to temples, motion for its SC/ST em the government should also refer the verdict to a larger schools and the basic facili ployees unless they prove be based on quantifiable da Bench for re-examination. It ties of life. Even today, Dalit that the particular Dalit com ta. The 2006 judgment was said the verdict had effec- grooms cannot ride horses. munity is backward and pronounced by a five-judgeely created an "impossible adequately represented, and Constitution Bench. situation for providing ac- CONTINUED PIC CREDITTHE HINDU Page-l

  5. 3 WHO PUT THE UIDA IN YOUR PHONE BOOK? PAGE-11 TOPIC- GS PRELIMS.GSM3 Who put the UIDAI in your phone book? Discovery of the authority's toll free number i mobile phones triggers panic over surveillance. privacy security expert, Robert that the issue is related not to handsets but the SIM card. Some emergency numbers such as for Fire, Ambulance, and Police come pre-loaded on the SIM card, he said. YUTHIKA BHARGAVA NEW DELH Baptiste, who goes by the Thousands of smartphone users got spooked on pseudonym, Elliot Alderson on Twitter. "Do you have Thursday and Friday wh they discovered the @UIDAl in your contact list presence of a mysterious number in their contacts list. The number, 1800-300 1947, was saved under the by default?" he tweeted on Thursday. When a flood of replies confirmed that they did, he tweeted again, "'m thinking aloud: What if it is only the top of the iceberg? The real issue here is about consent or the lack of it," said Reetika Khera, privacy expert and professor of Economics at IIM, Ahmedabad. "It is very similar to the concerns expressed about consent with regard to the opening of Airtel wallets and the diversion of pension and MGNREGA payments into those accounts, without the knowledge of the concerned person name UIDAI' and is th free helpline of the Unique Identification Authority of cshots of their contacts India (UIDAI), the statutory list with the number and Users began posting Number puzzle: Users found the entry was made to the body in charge of Aadhaar sought explanations from cct list without their consent. GETTY IMAGE But what triggered confusion was the fact that it had entered people's phone books without their knowledge and consent. @UIDAI on how it got added to their phones without consent. "So, the #UIDAI is automatically a contact in my phone-book. Creepy providers, and handset providers have all denied responsibility. UIDAI furthe added that the number, that "some vested interest are trying to create unwarranted confusion in public A representative of It all began with a simple much...?" tweeted a user1800-300-1947, was The UIDAI, service question from a French "outdated and invalid" andhandset manufacturers said PIC CREDITTHE HINDU Page-l

  6. 2. K.M JOSEPH GETS NOD FOR SC (PAGE-2,10) TOPIC- GS PRELIMS,GSM2 K.M. Joseph gets nod for SC Centre approves collegium's recommendation for elevation after seven months months, on April 25, the seph's name and argued that Centre cleared Justice Mal his parent High Court, the hotra's name and sent back Kerala High Court, had adeq- the file of Justice Joseph to uate representation in the the collegium for higher judiciary. The government also noti Madan B. Lokur and Kurian hd lim PECIAL CORRESPONDENT NEW DELHI The Centre on Friday notifdas HC Chief Jus hs name for the ilgonhl it the appointment of Ultark Banerie and isa HC Chief fist time in January, along aTnhe grvemen a nod The Centre on Friday noti- appointment of Ut- tarkhand High Court Chief Justice K.M. Joseph as a Su preme Court judge, seven months after the apex court collegium recommended his ment of K.M. Joseph as a judge of the Supreme Court Name withheld The move was interpreted as at this stage does not appear the Centre conveying its dis to be appropriate," the Law pleasure with Justice Joseph Minister argued in his letter. for his April 2016 judgment uld also not be fair that quashed Presidents and justified to other more Rule in Uttarkhand. name for elevation. government also not- fied the appointments of Ma- dras High Court Chief Justice Indira Banerjee and Orissa High Court Chief Justice Vi- Justice K.M. Joseph senior, suitable and desery Law Minister Ravi Shan ing Chief Justices and senior neet Saran as judges of the Madan B. Lokur and Kurian Joseph, had recommended nied that the decision had Courts, he added. Justice Joseph's name for the anything to do with the Ut The collegium, however, first time in January, along kar Prasad had strongly de- tarkhand judgment Chief Justice of India Dipak judges of various High dge, even mnthsater he comprsng lU lpak Mista Mahotra. olegium recommended and lasices , ChelaaDETASORAGE1O First in January A five-member Supreme with senior advocate and O April 30, however, the commended Justice Josephs Court collegum, comprising now a Supreme Court judge, Law Minister wrote to the name a second time, this Chief Justioe Dipak Misra Indu Malhotra. and Justices J. Chelameswar After sitting on the rcm Misra, asking the collegium dation binding on the go (now retired), Ranjan Gogoi, mendations for over three reiterated its stand and re oetired),Ranian Cogpi, SA PAE7 SEE ALSO time making the recommen- to reconsider Justice Jo vemment. PIC CREDIT-THE HINDU Page-2 & 10

  7. 4.WHO THUMBS UP FOR SWACHH BHARAT'S RURAL COMPONENTIPAGE-7) TOPIC- GS PRELIMS,GSM2 WHO thumbs up for Swachh Bharat's rural component Three lakh deaths prevented in five years. it sayS that before the initiation of SBM-G. unsafe sanitation caused 199 million cases of diarrhoea annually and that by 2019, the Initiative alms to achieve 100% sanitation coverage Towards a cleaner future There are 4o9 lakh dectared ODF villages as of August 2018 ODF Villages across India Cin thousands) 411 351.99 It Is estimated that the Swachh Bharat Mission Gra- min SBM-G) will result in preveting more than three Union Health secretary 300 200 00 47.19 183.79 Preeti Sudan, speaking at the release of the report WHO has only highlighted what we have known and are working towards. Sanitation and health are deeply relat ed andd the Ministry has sev- eral schemes running paral- lel to ensure good health coverage reaches all." lakh deaths due to diarrhoea and protein-energy malu- 2015-1 2016-17 2017-18 2013-19 trition between 2014-0ctob- er 2o19. notes a World Health Organisation (wHO) report released on Friday Lowest ODF coverage (%) Tripura3.57 Goa 11 5.87 18.7 potential health impact from increased sanitation cover- age through the SBM-G. con- ducted by the WHO for the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, sald India's der the SBM-G, 19 States and tricts were declared ODF AI- be avoided between 2014 rural sanitation coverage es Union Territortes were dde so, more than 4.9 lakh villag and 2019. WHO estimation calated to 89.07% till August clared Open Defecation Free es in the country were of health impacts Is based on 2. Odisha 25.5 Risk assessment The report further estimated that 14 million Disability Ad- Justed Life Years (DALYs) can 39.42 comparative risk assessment (CRA) methods. ODF and 7.9 crore toilets declared ODF The report notes that unwere but. while 421 dis- The WHO study showed PIC CREDIT-THE HINDU Page-l

  8. 5.HRD MINISTRY APPROVES NORMS AGAINST PLAGIARISMIPAGE-7] TOPIC-GS PRELIMS.GSM2 HRD Ministry approves norms against plagiarism UGC had sought graded punishment for the offence According to aKsazette notification.for students, plagiarism of u larities are between 4O and 60%. they will not be al lowed to supervise new mas- Studlent researchers found guilty of plagiarism may lose would not invite any penalty ters. M.Phil, PhD students their registration and teach- ers could lose their jobs as 40%, would mean the stu the Human Resource Deve lopment Ministry approved new regulations on Pplagi rism drafted by the Universi to 10%, while thatof between 1O nd for two years and will also be denied the right to one an nual increment. it said dents will have to subnmita revised research paper with In case of repeat plagia rism of over 6O% similarity the faculty nnen bers ill be suspended.even dismissed In ease the similarities are Crants between 40and 60%.stu dents will be debarred from submitting a revised pape for one yearA stuudent's re- gistration for a programme CUCC) he new, regulations pre- The Ministry had notified scribe that if any member of the academic com m un ity suspects plagiarishe or the UGC (Promotion of Aca demic Integrity and Preven- tion of Plagiarism in Higher Education Institutions) ReR ulations. 2018 this week will be cancelled if the simi report it to the De- partmental Academic Inte Rrity Panel Teachers whose academic The UCC had approved the regulations in its meet ing held in March this year and research papers have si milarities ranging from 10 to 40%, with other pa pers will be asked to wvithdraw the day informed memt that the UGCC found three cases of plagiarism in writing PhD thesis. Parliament was on Thurs- by the govern ment for plagiarism anuscript. I PIC CREDIT-THE HINDU Page-7

  9. 6.HAL TESTS ROTARY DRONE CO-DEVELOPED WITH IIT-K (PAGE-7) TOPIC- GS PRELIMS,GSM3 HAL tests Totary drone CO It can operate fo an hour and travel eight to 1O KIn SPFCIAL CORRESPONDENT A 10 kg rotary drone co-de- veloped by Hinduustan Acro nautics Ltd (HAL) and IIT. Kanpur was recently lown Eye in the sky The Rotary Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle can carry a Live-streaming video camera ru. the defence puublic sector company saidon Friday "V th this demonstra is desigming and developing rotary UAVs for defence, pa ramilitary forces and home- land security the first utcome of HAL'S The I0-minute flightof tion- 1 AL's Rotary ing R&D Centre is well po undertake development of [heavierl rotary UAVs witl the Rotary Wing Unmanned ised to Aerial Vehicle was The RUAV can carry a 2.s-k eapons as payloads." HALR&D tie-ups with academi cluding a live-streaming vi vered The RUUAV s stroke petrol engine payload or instrument in- chairman and managing di institutions such ass IITs of Mladras, Roorkee Kharag deo camera.It can operate for an hour and travel 8-10 oted as saving Apart from military a ur Bombay. the npur and Indian Institute civil helicopters. the centre Bengaluru PIC CREDIT-THE HINDU Page-7

  10. SOCIAL MEDIA HUB PLAN DROPPED IPAGE-101 TOPIC- GS PRELIMS,GSM2 Social media hub plan dropped Supreme Court had raised the fear that it may create a surveillance state LEGAL CORRESPONDENT NEW DELN A proposal to have hubs to monitor social media traffic and trends has been with- ter, Facebook and Instagram ture that merges mass sur- would be tracked to identify veillance with a capacity for the buzz creators" and so disinformation," Ms. Moitra cial media influencers represented by senior advo- Justice D.Y. Chandrachud cate A.M. Singhvi and advo- who is a member of the cate Mohammad Nizam Bench led by Chief Justice Di- Pasha, had argued pak Misra, had voiced the court's apprehensions about aim of the hub was to "create the government's plan, say a technology platform "to ing that this would pose a collect digital media chatter danger in a country where from all core social media privacy was a fundamental platforms as well as digital right drawn, the Union govern ment informed the Supreme Court on Friday The petition had said the The decision comes after the court had questioned the proposal in a hearing on July 13, saying this may transform the country into a surveil lance state platforms" The hearing was based on "social media communica a petition filed by Trinamool tion hub" was a brazen at. Disinformation trend Congress MLA Mohua Moi- tempt at mass surveillance". The proposed social media the hubs, the court said the tra, who had alleged that the Ms. Moitra said popular s communication hub seeks to petition was infructuous and government's proposal for a cial media sites such as Twit create a technology architec disposed it of. With the government hav ing withdrawn its plan for PIC CREDIT-THE HINDU Page-10