Ordering and Ranking

This article comprises the definition and working of order and ranking. Along with that, the different types of order and ranking questions and the formulas needed to solve them are mentioned.

Order and ranking are considered to be some of the most crucial topics in bank exams in their reasoning section. Order and ranking can be described as the respective location or standing. The ranking is defined as the process of finding the location of an individual or a thing with respect to the location of other individuals or things. The respective location, ranking of an individual, the position of a group of people, or the location of a thing is provided, and you have to give the rank or position of an individual.

Order and Ranking Types

There may be various types of order and ranking questions that may come up in your logical reasoning portion of the exam. Let us now understand the different types of order and ranking questions that may arise:

1. Based on Ranking:

Under this section of order and ranking reasoning comes the questions asking you to look for the position or rank of an individual. There are a few types that come up under this section. All of these have been mentioned below:

  1. The rank of an individual from left/right: Candidates are asked to locate the position or rank of an individual from the point of left or right. (whichever is asked in the question)
  2. People in a row: Under this category of ranking and ordering questions, candidates are asked to locate the entire number of people in a class or a row.
  3. Individuals between two persons: In this non-overlapping based reasoning, applicants are asked to find the digit of people between two individuals on the point of the rank not fulfilling the circumstances of overlapping.
  4. Problems based on ratio: When the ratio of girls or boys is given, applicants are asked to look for the rank or position of a girl or a boy.
  5. Positions being interchanged: Applicants are asked to find the total number of people or the location of the individual when two individuals interchange their locations.
  6. An individual between two people: In overlapping based reasoning, applicants are asked to look for the number of individuals in between two individuals at the point their rank fulfils the circumstances of overlapping.

2. Based on comparison:

Under this section of ranking and ordering questions, applicants are asked to compare various quantities in order to find out the right order.

Order and Ranking Formulas

In order to be able to answer most of the order and ranking questions, you should know the formulas required to solve the different types of questions. A few of these formulas, along with a brief description, are given below.

1. How to find the rank of the person in the middle?

a) Step one is to convert both the ranks from one side.

b) Step two is to find the average of both of the ranks that will become our solution.

2. To find the ranks that can be from left or right

Total – (a rank that has been given – 1) = the rank needed.

3. To locate the number of individuals sitting between any two people

a) Simple case:

Total – (Rank from right + rank from left).

b) Overlapping case:

(Rank from right + rank from left) – ( 2 + total).

4. To locate the total number of persons

Ranks of two individuals along with the digit of people sitting between them is provided.

a) (R1 + R2) + individuals in the middle.

b) For overlapping circumstances:

(R1 + R2) – (individuals in middle + 2).

5. Finding the total numbers

From both sides of the row, the ranks of one individual are given.

The ranks of one person from two sides (R1+R2) – 1.


The order and ranking reasoning is the situation that deals with the positioning of objects or people in different orders on the basis of some variables such as weight, height, merit, and position. Under this topic come up different questions based upon position, time, arrangement, or sequence. In this article, we learn in detail the meaning of ordering and ranking along with its working. We come across different types of ordering and ranking questions based on ranking or comparison. After learning about the different types of reasoning questions, we go through some of the important formulas of order and ranking questions.