Coded Directions

Coded direction can be termed as the process of finding the routes or direction in obtaining the real position of place or humans in reasoning.

Coded direction is the procedure of finding the exact rule in tracing the presence of the real thing or person with the help of some formulas. Coded Direction is one of the important topics in regards to the reasoning of competitive examination. Coded direction problems can be given with pictures or simple writing even. It follows some specific formula and pattern that is in the better conceptualization of finding the problem solution. Coded directions incorporate mathematical distance calculation, directions like east, north, west and south. The coded direction includes different types of direction processes of analysing a question. 

Direction: Define

Direction is part and parcel of logical reasoning that is pretty much evident in various entrance examinations. Different kinds of questions that can be asked are like 6 students are sitting behind one another, where some direction of their sitting arrangement is stated while few are left to find the direction of their sitting. In order to solve these kinds of questions, a logical and analytical skill set is really important. These skill sets can further aid in better solving the sitting arrangement question of direction chapter in reasoning. In the direction problem, it mostly concentrates on the four directions, south, east, north, west. 

One Direction: Describe

One direction can be coined as the direction that is required to be found out in respect of the spot 1 or point of initiation to the final position. The prior difference between normal direction and one direction is that in direction problem questions of the direction can be to any specific side but in the case of one direction, it follows only one way of direction in question learning and analysing.  Cite an example in the below section for learning about one direction. 

As provided by the direction and measurement in the question, a picture can be created to find the exact location of the example person. So following the direction from south to right and then moving left with three specific measurements of 5,3,5 km respectively. So it is evident on creating the solution figure that the person is standing in the South direction. 

Qibla Direction: Define 

Qibla direction is one of the important most directions that is utilized by the Muslim group of community in order to offer their daily five times of prayer offering. In modern times the qibla direction-finding has been simplified by the innovation of new applications and technology like Qibla finder and qibla compass were the application along with the help of GPS track the direction of latitude, longitude, east, south, north, west, real timing of the magnetic field in respect to the north direction. In this tracking of application daily evening and morning can be counted and provide Islamic date. On taking into note Qibla’s direction, it can strategies to be used in finding location or direction in the question of reasoning. 

Compass Direction: Describe 

Compass direction can be termed as the basic mechanism of working four cardinal directions of the universe called as east, west, south, north. Having knowledge about this cardinal system ensures clarity in understanding better about the direction and compass. A compass is a tool that is used to find the exact direction you want it to achieve. The device of the compass is used in learning about geographical monitoring and navigation purposes. Compass directions are mentioned with degrees as units of the compass device. 


The study highlights the importance and significance of Coded direction in context to the reasoning of competitive exams. The study pivots on the different ages of directions like one direction, qibla direction and compass directions. There are some examples that are mentioned and cited before for a better understanding,  and analysis of how to proceed with a problem based on coded direction. The study also provides a glimpse of the analytical and logical aspects of reasoning. The kind of question that arises in the coded direction is focused upon such as sitting arrangement, the direction of sitting or finding the actual location of a person.


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What is qibla direction for coded direction?

Ans. Qibla direction can be stated as the Direction that is tracked for the sunrise or sunset, in regards to the north, the south, west, east direc...Read full

What do you realise by compass direction in context to reasoning?

Ans. Compass direction is termed as the device that is utilised for finding basic cardinal directions. This direction is shown in a compass device ...Read full