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Blood Relations Verbal Reasoning Questions

Blood relation involves the relations of a human with any other human through birth or by marriage. It is also an important topic for many entrance exams.

Blood relation falls under the category of Logical Reasoning. Logical reasoning is mainly emphasised in entrance exams because it checks the practical knowledge and the presence of mind of the person giving the exam. The questions are mainly based on real world problems and their solution with logical explanation and reasoning of the activity. 

What is blood relation? 

Any relation between people through the processes of taking birth in the same family or marrying into a person’s family is considered to be a blood relation. These relations are real in nature and are not created anyhow and with anyone. 

For example:- Firstly the birth side consists of, son to a mother, son to a father, brother to a sister, sister to a brother, etc. Secondly, relations through getting married are mother-in-law, wife, husband, etc. 

How to write the answers for blood relation 

There are many important rules which cannot be neglected during solving the questions regarding blood relations. The rules are :-

  • You should not assume the gender of a person by reading their name. This is done because in many cases to check your presence of mind many unisex names are given to trick you into committing mistakes. 
  • The gender of a person is not determined until it’s mentioned in the question in any manner. 
  • Keeping a calm mind is required for puzzle questions about blood relations because a web type of interrelated relations are given to be solved. 
  • Presence of mind and not panicking is required for these questions because these can be solved easily with the right amount of concentration. 
  • The coding and decoding blood relation questions are best to be solved with the help of pictures, describing the solution of the questions. These are the code relations easy tricks to solve it. 

Different types of questions 

The types of blood relation questions are :-

  1. Jumbled Questions
  2. Puzzled questions 
  3. Miscellaneous questions
  4. Coded questions 


Blood relations are very easily accessible in real life but there are some rules to solve logical reasoning questions based on it . In order to solve these questions another essential is that you learn the family tree and have decent knowledge of it . Apart from this blood relation is a topic which can be easily covered with presence of mind and concentration. 


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