Arranging Words

To communicate effectively, the grip of language should be firm. Arranging words in a logical order is important to improve communication among people.

The basis of communication is language, which can be written and spoken; or the body language of a person. To communicate effectively, the grip of language should be firm. Thus, arranging words in a logical order is important. The wrong arrangement of words can lead to an entirely different meaning of the message intended to be conveyed.

A minor misplacement of a word in any sentence can lead to miscommunication. Therefore, legal documents and other written documents might be interpreted incorrectly. Miscommunication can have various ill effects. Therefore, a person should be cautious while drafting a written piece.

Need for Logical Arrangement of words

The logical arrangement of words holds its significance in various spectrums. Some of them are discussed briefly below.

Avoiding Miscommunication

The major problem that can arise without a logical arrangement of words is miscommunication. Often people tend to interpret a message wrongly when the words arranged are not properly ornagised. It can affect important decisions to be made.

In case of legal documents, these errors can lead to loopholes in the document. The loopholes can lead to several queries and questions in the future. Moreover, the actions related to the document might also be affected. Further, misinterpreted legal documents can lead to miscommunication of instructions or clauses laid.

Future Reference

Written documents serve as a record for future reference. Therefore, they must be drafted correctly. The wrong arrangement of words can lead to misinterpretation of a message. The consequent actions will also be affected if the miscommunication grows further.

Certain documents have to be considered repeatedly for important decision-making. Future decisions might also be affected due to miscommunication that happened once. A wrong decision by an organization can lead to severe losses both in terms of revenue and team coordination.

Improved Communication

Communication skills help in the overall development of a person’s personality. Moreover, interpersonal skills are essential for a person in various fields, most importantly in the professional world. Further, expressing one’s views becomes easier when these skills are sharpened.

Proper arrangement of words helps in better structuring of the written document. This will ensure a better understanding of the message and fruitful feedback by the recipient. Thoughtful feedback can help in improved communication among the parties concerned.

Solved Examples

Example 1

Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.

  1. a) Locked b) The c) Is d) Library


The meaningful sequence will be b, d, c, a

Ans. The library is locked.

Example 2

Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence.

  1. a) Waiting for b) People c) Downstairs d) Are


The meaningful sequence will be b, d, a, c.

Ans. People are waiting downstairs.

Example 3

Arrange the words given below in a meaningful sequence. Also, give a proper reason for the choice.

  1. a) Admission b) Interview c) Examination d) Application e) Fees payment


The logical order for the aforementioned question will be d, c, b, a, e.

Reason: The question indicates the process of admission to a college. People first apply for admission; therefore, ‘Application’ is the first stage. Often written examinations are scheduled for selected candidates, hence, ‘Examination’ is the second stage. Once the candidate passes the examination round, a face-to-face interview, therefore, ‘Interview is the next stage. After clearing all these rounds, a candidate is offered ‘Admission’, the next stage. ‘Fees payment’, the next and last stage is necessary for confirmation of admission.

Role of Reasoning

Arranging words in a given order has a direct connection with reasoning. Moreover, a person’s intellect and reasoning skills have to be strong enough to structure the message effectively. The sense of reasoning essentially grows with time; however, reading stuff also helps. Without proper reasoning and understanding of words to be used, one cannot phrase any message efficiently.

One has to think about the recipient’s possible reaction to the message. Further, they have to be ready for providing an appropriate answer in that context. Also, the message should be drafted according to the need of the target audience or recipient. One should be able to analyze whether the targeted person can understand the message properly or not. All the above-mentioned points require a better sense of ‘reasoning’.

In an organisation, authorities need to consider several employees working under them. Any formal message dedicated to them should be carefully crafted so they understand it better. As the business organisations need profit to survive, they need to interact with masses. This requires a strong sense of reasoning.


Communication is a key skill in a person’s life. Proper arrangement of words and improved reasoning help in better communication. It also reduces the chances of the message being misinterpreted. Further, exercises like arranging words in alphabetical order or arranging fractions in particular order help in improving reasoning.

Without arranging words in the proper order, the message might get distorted while conveying. One silly miscommunication can hinder future decision-making procedures. The role of reasoning is the most important factor in arrangement of words and thoughts in the correct order.


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