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Adjective of Quantity

An adjective of quantity is a type of adjective that indicates the quantity of a noun or pronoun in a sentence.

An adjective of quantity is a type of adjective that indicates the quantity of a noun in a sentence. Used to indicate a specific but not exact quantity. There are several rules and methods for using adjective quantities. The adjective quantity is simply a word that indicates the quantity of a noun that exists. It does not indicate the exact number of nouns, but rather the quantity of a  particular noun. 

 Simply put, it is an adjective that does not accurately count a  noun. Instead, it is a type of adjective that provides an ambiguous numerical description. They represent only the intended number of a noun or pronoun as a whole, not numbers. They use words such as many, few, some etc.

Use Of Adjectives Of Quantity

Adjectives are used in various sentences. It can be used anywhere as long as it represents the intended quantity of the noun as a whole, rather than the exact number of a specific noun. 

 However, it is important to note that all adjectives are in the correct order when using adjective quantities in sentences that already have other types of adjectives. Adjectives of quantity always come first in order, followed by quality, size, and age. 

Now that you know how quantitative adjectives are used, you need to understand that there are several types of quantitative adjectives that have different purposes and use. 

Definite Number Adjective – Adjectives that clearly indicate the number of nouns or the sequence in which they appear. Cardinals are numbers like One, Two, Twenty, Twenty-Five, and so on. Ordinals are the first, second, third, fifth, and so on.

Indefinite Number Adjective – Adjectives that do not convey a precise number amount but rather a general concept of how much something costs. Few, Some, Any, Several,  Many, All, and so on.

Distributive Number Adjective – Adjectives that refer to individual nouns within a total quantity.  Neither, Either, Another, each,  Other, and so on.


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