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A Note on Single Fillers

In this article, we'll be discussing the importance of grammar and we'll be discussing and solving some exercises and a few are given for your practice too.

Fillers Tests or Filler are fill in the Blanks exercises posed in the common English segment. The aspirant has to select the correct word or phrase from the specified alternative. There could be a sole sentence with a sole blank, or there could be a section with numerous blanks. If the aspirant has habitual practice, subsequently, fillers are one of the effortless ways to score sound in the exams. They are a fraction of the General English paper, and they show in banks and Insurance exams comprising IBPS and other exams such as SSC, RRB, CDS, and Defense Exams.

English is the elementary language utilized in offices throughout the country. Therefore, Fillers are additionally given in Aptitude Tests. The Filler Test demonstrates whether or not the candidate comprehends the concept of the English language.

At times Filler Words in English are employed in spoken English to fill in the spaces whilst speaking. We attend to words like ‘Er..’, ‘Ummm….’, ‘Uuh’ when any person is talking. These types of sounds are as well known as Filler Words or Fillers. They are casual words contained in spoken English when any person is assuming words or content or when any person is anxious and incapable of speaking. Though, these words aren’t employed in written English. Actually, these words are not advised to be taken into use whilst speaking as well since they illustrate a lack of contemplation or awareness within the speaker.

Single fillers questions

Q1. In the next question, the sentence is provided with blanks to be plugged in with a suitable word. Please choose the right option out of the four and designate it by selecting the suitable option. 

If you don’t give the payment frequently, you __________ to pay a penalty.

A. Will have 

B. Would had

C. Will had

D. Would has

E. Will has

Ans. Correct Option -C

In the concerned sentence, the future conditional explains a condition about which you believe in the provided sentence. Let’s glance at the arrangement of such conditionals:

  1. When/ If + Simple Present + Simple Future
  2. Simple Future + when/ if+ Simple Present
  3. Consequently, option 3, i.e., ‘will have,’ has an apt convention in the answer.

Q2. In the next question, the sentence is provided with a vacancy to be filled in with a suitable word. Choose the accurate option out of the four and designate it by selecting the suitable choice. The tourist who visited

Shimla,_________ to death.

A. Frozen

B. Frozen

C. Freeze

D. Had frozen


Correct Option – C

The relevant sentence is contained in the past tense, and it moreover illustrates a past event. Therefore it is better to employ the simple past tense, which is best clarified through the word ‘froze.’ Consequently, option 3 is the right response.

Q3. Sentences are provided with blanks to be filled in with a suitable word(s). Four options are put forward for every question. Pick the right option out of the four. 

In the recent floods two-thirds of their city_________ m rums.

A. was

B. were

C. is

D. are

E. Am

Correct Option – D

The word “recent” denotes an event that has happened in the near past. Consequently, the simple past form of “is” should be used. The subject is singular of the sentence, and therefore ‘was’ should be utilized.

Q4. Fill in the blank with the aptest word out of the four options proposed under every question. 

They took sheets so that they would keep warm.

A. can be 

B. were

C. had

D. might

E. might not

Correct Option – A

The right word here will be ‘might’ as a rule says: ‘So (that) is trailed by a clause declaring reason or intention. The 1 that clause frequently comprises – can, could, may, might, etc.’ Therefore option 1 is the right answer.

Q5. A sentence is provided with a vacancy to be filled with a suitable word(s). Four options are given for every blank. Pick the right choice out of the four. 

Proper grammar, spelling and punctuation _________essential.

A. much

B. was

C. is

D. are

E. am

Correct Option – D

Because the subject contains three distinct constituents, the verb to be employed should be in the plural to concur with the subject. Therefore the accurate verb to be put in is ‘are.’


Fillers might be based on Vocabulary or Grammar, though the single fillers based on vocabulary are rather simple to attempt. All you require is a good hold of vocabulary. Study a definite number of words on an everyday basis to develop your vocabulary, and discover synonyms and antonyms. If you recognize the connotation of all the words provided in the alternatives, you can eradicate the incorrect choice rather easily.


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