Logical approach is essential for a person. Age-related questions help in testing and developing logical facts.

Age – A Discussion

Age is a factor of concern for everyone. Age what most people understand is that getting older day by day. But this is not the only aspect. There are more factors like age calculators and many more age questions that come into the mind of the individual. This article will help you get answers to most of your queries.

What do you mean by an Age Calculator?

Though there are many queries related to age, first, you need to get familiarized with the age calculator. It is the most common thing that everyone should know. The age calculator is used to calculate the age of the individual. It can be used for any living or nonliving object or thing.

Here the main focus is how the age of a person that is a human being is calculated in the age calculator. The method of age calculation can vary from country to country. The age calculator works on the commonest system of age calculation. In some of the places, age is calculated in terms of years. Some exclude the current year, and some might include it.

For example, if a person born in 2005 is turning 15 in 2020, some might say that he has completed 15 years of life. In another way, some might even say that the person has entered into the sixteenth year of life.

In general, the age calculator determines the age of a person between the interval of two dates. The result can be showcased in varied forms. Majorly the result is displayed in terms of year, months, weeks, days, or hours and minutes form.

Age Problem Questions

Many age-related problematic questions can be solved in the aptitude section. These questions are something that most of you are familiar with. In any exam, the aptitude section is most likely to contain age questions.

These questions are a bit tricky sometimes and sometimes can be very easy to solve. Age problem questions help the examiner or the person asking questions to test the mental ability and logical skills of the person. These questions are yet another exercise for brains.

Getting the correct answer to such questions can be way tricky sometimes. Most of the probability of getting a wrong answer to such questions is higher. To avoid this probability, the person needs to practice many such questions. You can easily find many such age problem questions on the internet.

How to Solve the Age Problem Questions?

The age calculator is beneficial in determining the age of the person. But these age-related aptitude problems cannot be solved with it. A person needs to apply his own logical and analytical skills to the question to get an accurate answer.

Here are some tips that you can consider to solve such questions. However, there are no set tips or steps to solve such questions. But some of the below-mentioned tricks will surely help you get a correct answer for these problems. Have a look at them.

  • Firstly read the question at least thrice to understand what the question is asking
  • After reading the question, make a list of all the given information
  • Then jot down the thing that you need to find
  • After doing this, the best way is to relate the question to yourself and then think accordingly
  • If relating to yourself doesn’t work out, you need to apply your logical skills
  • Think logically and solve the problem step by step
  • Don’t jump from one part of the problem to another solve each part stepwise

So these were some significant tricks that you can consider to solve the age aptitude questions. Be careful; these tricks may not help you get the answer to the question directly. But indeed, with some efforts and logical skills are combined with these tricks, you can find the answer to the question quickly.

Why Age Aptitude Questions are Asked?

As mentioned earlier, age problems are a common part of the aptitude section. Then you might wonder why it is so. There are many reasons for this. Some of the prime reasons for the same are highlighted below. Have a look at them.

  • To test the logical skills of the person
  • It helps determine the analytical skills of the person
  • It is a good brain exercise for students
  • It helps enhance the logical and analytical approach to questions
  • It benefits the students to find tricky parts and get the answer from them

So these were some of the possible reasons why age aptitude questions are common these days. The examiner frames such questions with much effort. The difficulty of the question is entirely based on the level and purpose of the paper or competitive exam.


In the last words, it can be said that logical and analytical skills are very important in a person. Age aptitude questions are the best ways to test and develop these skills. These questions are common in the mental ability papers in schools and colleges and even in the higher-level exams.

Students need to practice well to these questions to get the apt answers. Enough practice is the only key to success for these questions.