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Export Credit Guarantee Corporation

ECGC, which is known as an export credit guarantee corporation, is a government-owned company of export credit providers. It is owned by the ministry of industry and commerce.

ECGC meaning is a government-owned company that provides credit risk services to support the exporters working in India. The export credit guarantee corporation of India Limited is a corporation that has introduced various sort of insurance of export credit schemes which helps the requirements of every commercial bank which extend the export credit. The company is a union government company wholly owned by the government of India. 

Objectives of ECGC

One of the primary objectives of the ECGC is to encourage and facilitate Indian trade in a global market. This will allow the Indian exporters to have a great significance on the international market, and trading will be very effective in the country. Following that, another primary objective of the export credit guarantee corporation of India Limited is to assist the various Indian exporters that will help them manage the risks of credit by providing information on time to worthy buyers, countries, and banks. The next objective of the ECGC is to protect the Indian exporters against any losses which they are to face that may also lead to the failure of the buyer on the bank, and problems will be met by the country regarding cost-effective credit insurance. They also facilitate the availability of various finances in a bank to any Indian an exporter that provides good export credit insurance at a competitive rate. They also have an objective to achieve performance at a significantly improved quality with operational efficiency being worked upon on the return on investment. They want to educate their customers properly at an effective marketing and publicity skill set. And finally, one of the primary objectives is to develop a global expertise insurance credit amongst every exporter and also ensure your regular innovation for the satisfying of the quality of service of development.

ECGC Guarantee

The ECGC guarantee offers protection against various nonpayment from the exporters or the importers. Due to the presence of the insurance covered, this sort of financial institution is very well placed in situations of providing a good amount of credit towards the exporters and also lending the money. This gradually offers a range of good credit insurance risk covers from the exporters, which helps the company to gain against the losses faced through the exporting of the goods and services. In this guarantee, there is also uncovered towards the financial institution and the banks who are facilitating these exporters to obtain their loan or credit.

Benefits Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Limited

The export credit guarantee corporation of India Limited is a wholly government-owned company where objective is to promote exports outside the country by providing proper is credit insurance towards the exporters, who then will have adequate funds to export outside the country in a global manner. There are various benefits of the export credit guarantee corporation of India Limited. One of the significant benefits is that India, in a worldwide sector, will have more knowledge and representation of the country in the trading sector will also become an essential factor. Following that, they also provided a range of insurance covers to every Indian exporter who has the potential of exporting a good amount of goods and services which will benefit the country and commercial issues related to the country will be reduced.


The export credit guarantee corporation of India Limited usually helps the exporters across the country by providing insurance credit, which will minimize the risks which are associated with the payments are due from the country. This offers protection against every nonpayment of any important and gives a good set of security to the company. The ECGC is wholly owned by the government of India and also promotes exports across the country which will provide good credit risk insurance towards the exporters and services related to the exporters. Concluding that the company gradually looks forward to the benefit of the exporters, which will benefit the country’s economy.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the complete form of ECGC? 

Answer. The complete form of ECGC is the export credit guarantee corporation of India Limited.

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