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Work Study - (Part - II) (in Hindi)
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This lesson throws light on work study.

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  3. TIME SERIES A. Multiple Activity Chart: It is a chart in which the activities of more than one item (worker, machine, etc) are recorded on a common time scale to show their inter-relationship. The chart shows very clearly the period of idle-ness on the part of any item during the process. A study of the chart often makes it possible to re-arrange these activities so that ineffective time is reduced. The most common use of multiple activity chart is a man machine chart. Only 2 symbols are used. B. Gang Process Chart :It is another type of multiple activity chart which shows the relationship of the activities carried out by different members of a group or gang with respect to one and other while doing a job. The aim is to reduce idle and ineffective time and to improve efficiency.

  4. DIAGRAMS A. FLOW DIAGRAM : It is a drawing substantially to scale of the working area showing the location of various activities identified by their symbols and are associated with particular flow process chart either man type or material type the path of worker or material during a specified sequence of operations. workers and material. The travel chart is always square and each square represent a work station. B. STRING DIAGRAM : The string diagram is a scale plan or model on which a thread is used to trace and measure C. TRAVEL CHART : A travel chart is a tabular record for presenting quantitative data about the movements cf

  5. PRINCIPLE OF MOTION STUDY There are number of rules concerning human movement, equipment and tools by following which the time and energy consumption in a job can be minimised. These are I. Rules concerning human body 2. Rules for workplace layout 3. Rules for tools and equipment

  6. MICRO MOTION STUDY It is a set of technique intended to divide human activity into groups of micro motions (Therblings) and the study of such movements helps to find for an operator one best pattern of movements that consume less time and require less effort. THERBLINGS To facilitate micro-motion study, Gilberth divided all the basic movements into 17 fundamental hand and eye motion to which an 18th was added later on. Each therblings has the specific symbols, letter and colour r recording purpose. SIMO CHARTS: Simultaneous motion chart It is the micro-motion form of 200 process chart and is based on film analysis. It is the graphic representations of operations and hand movement. The activities are recorded in terms of fundamental motions (Therblings).The time required for completion of these therblings is also recorded in chart.

  7. DIAGRAM CYCLEGRAPH:In cycle graph a continuous source of light like a bulb is attached to the hand of the operator and the movement of light is recorded by camera. The study is performed in a dark room. CHRONOCYCLE GRAPH gIn this the light source is suitably interrupted so that the path appears as a series - of pear shaped dots. The pointed end indicating the direction of movement and the spacing indicating the speed of movement.