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Question on line balancing (in Hindi)
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This lesson throws light on question on line balancing.

Harshit Aggarwal
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bahut acha sir most hai
Dhanyawad 🙂👍
2nd workstation me 3 ke bad 8 q nai le sakte h
this lecture are best for revice made easy notes of sourav sir

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  3. METHOD OF LINE BALANCING Largest Candidate Rule In this method the work elements are selected for assignment to the work station on the basis of elemental time values. The steps involved are I. Draw the precedence diagram of work elements. 2. List all the element in the decreasing order of elemental time values 3. To assign the element to the first work station start at the beginning of the list moving downwards, select the first feasible element for placement at the station. A feasible element is one that satisfies the precedence requirement and does not cause the sum of elemental time values at the station to exceed the cycle time. 4. Continue the process of assigning the work element to the station as in step-3 until no further element can be addeod without exceeding the cycle time. Repeat step 3 and 4 for other stations until all the elements are assign to the work station. 5.

  4. QUESTION For the given element calculate the suitable number of work station, draw a precedence diagram, balance the line and calculate balance delay, line efficiency and smoothness index. Take the cycle time I min

  5. QUESTION S. No.Ti (min) Preceded By 0.2 0.4 0.7 4 0.3 0.11 0.32 0.6 0.27 0.38 0.5 0.12 7 3,4 6,7,8 5,8 9,10

  6. SOLUTION o.11 0.2 3 0.32 o.1 O. 6 1 2 2 0.2 O.4 . 0.38

  7. SOLUTION S. No. Ti (min) Preceded By 0.7 0.6 0.5 0.4 0.38 0.32 0.3 0.27 0.2 0.12 0.1I 9,10 5,8 6,7,8 4 1,2

  8. SOLUTION Work Station S. No. Ti 0.4 0.3 0.2 Tsi Idle Time-Ti-Tsi 4 0.7 0.11 0.6 0.38 0.32 0.27 0.5 0.12 Il 0.8 0.19 0.98 0.02 IV 0.59 0.41 0.62 0.38

  9. SOLUTION Balance Dela Live Soz(8) Smothness Indlex Smoothness 65to 16