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PERT CPM (in Hindi)
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This lesson throws light on Pert Cpm

Harshit Aggarwal
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  3. PROJECT A project defined are combination of inter related activity that must be executed in certain order before the entire task can be completed.The activities are inter related in the logical sequence in the sense that some activity cannot start until others are completed. OEvent The events are points in time and denotes the beginning and end point of an activity. Event defines an accomplished occurring at an instantaneous point of time which neither consume any time nor require any resources Activity: It is physically identifiable and recognizable part of a project, involving mental or physical work and consume time and resources for its completion.

  4. NETWORK DIAGRAM A network diagram is used to represent the sequence of different activity that makes a project. Then rules for network construction 2 . No activity can occur until every activity preceding it has been completed No two or more activities has the same tail and head event. 2. 3 In such situation Dummy activity is required. 1 D Dummy Activity: An activity which only show the 2 dependency of one activity over the other but does not consume any time and resource is called Dummy activity and is usually denoted by dotted line )

  5. NETWORK DIAGRAM 3. The length and direction of an arrow are indicative only 4. Time flows from left to right. 5.An event which represent the joint completion of more than two activities is known as merge event while an event which shows the initiation of more than two activities is called burst event. Mesge Event Busst Event

  6. NETWORK DIAGRAM 6. Dummy activity should only be used if it is very necessary. 7.There should be no looping and dangling in the network. Dangling:When activities other than final activity do not have any succession activity the situation is called dangling. 3 3 2 2 Dangling Looping