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Safety Stock (in Hindi)
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This lesson throws light on safety stock.

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  3. SAFETY STOCK WHEN STOCK OUT COST ARE NOT KNOWN Safety stock reverse to a lower level of stock intended to be maintained all the time as a safety against stock out. The amount of safety stock is to be kept in accordance with the level of service the management aim to achieve. Service Level S = No. of units supplied without delay / Total number of units demanded S 0-1 S % 0-100%

  4. SAFETY STOCK WHEN STOCK OUT COST ARE NOT KNOWN 95 % service level to the customer would mean that 95% of the customer orders on an average are filed out of inventory and 5% of units demanded shall be refused because of stock outs during lead time. When the demand during lead time (DDLT) may be approximated by a normal distribution curve with a certain mean X or ( ) and standard deviation ( ). Then re-order level Where X is average demand during lead time and Z is the standard normal variate whose value depends on the level of service. 0.84 1.28 1.645 2.33 Service Level % 80% 90% 95% 99%

  5. SAFETY STOCK WHEN STOCK OUT COST ARE NOT KNOWN Sesvice Level If Leadt ie s given ken ceviaion

  6. QUESTION For a production system annual consumption 20,000 units. Cost of one unit Rs 4- Ordering Cost Rs 60 / order Inventory Carrying Cost Rs 0.6/ unit/ year Past lead times are 15, 20, 18, 12, 22, 27 day If there are 330 working days in a year Find I. EOQ 2. Safety Stock 3. ROL 4. Average stock in inventory

  7. SOLUTION 2DC 330 163 units 4) Av. Stock = EOQ + SS 2. 33a