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Forecasting (in Hindi)
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This lesson throws light on forecasting.

Harshit Aggarwal
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Thanks Sir, I desperately wanted to study Integration part for my upcoming JEE MAIN exam. Your lessons are extremely important and productive for me. Now I'm confident enough to attempt integration questions in my JEE papers. Thank You Sir, Please keep helping us. we'll extremely thankful to you. Sir please complete calculus part before our JEE MAIN APRIL exam. we will keep waiting for your positive response. I appreciate your great initiative to help needy.
Vineet Bhardwaj
a year ago
Sure Ashish. I will make more lessons on calculus in coming future. Now, I m waiting for feedback. Thanks for ur words. Kindly spread the word. And don't forget to follow me to watch the upcoming lessons and courses.
very well explained!!! short and point to point explaination,easily understanding concepts only one request please cover different types of numericals...

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  3. FORECASTING Forecasting can be termed as prediction of future sales or demand of a product. It is a projection based upon the past data and the art of human judgment. The survival of any organization depends upon how well they are able to project the demand in future. Advantage of forecasting 1. Forecasting determines the volume of production and the rate at which it is to be produced 2. It helps in determining the basis for material project, labor project, production budget etc. 3. Suggest the need for plant expansion 4. Helps in determining price policy. 5. Essential for product design and development 6. Helps in determining the extend of marketing, advertising and distribution required

  4. TYPES OF DEMAND VARIATION I. TrendVariation 2. Seasonal Variation 3. Cyclic Variation 4. Irregular

  5. TREND VARIATION 1. Trend variation: It shows a long term upward or downward trend in a product sales on a continuous scale. Demand -> Time

  6. SEASONAL VARIATION 2. Seasonal variation: This type of variation shows the short term regular variation in sales with respect to a time of a day or day of a week. Example Power consumption Demand Time

  7. CYCLIC VARIATIONS 3. Cyclic variation: It shows a long term wave like demand variation, normally lasting for more than a year. Example - Coolers, refrigerator,woollen clothes Demand Time

  8. IRREGULAR 4. Irregular: This type of demand variation is caused by sudden unusual circumstances that are different from the normal behavior such as government policy change, price hike, strike, shutdown, severe weather conditions etc. Demand Time