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40 lessons • 3h 49m

Overview of the Course (in Hindi)

10m 08s

Break Even Analysis (in Hindi)

14m 53s

Important Terms of Break Even Analysis (in Hindi)

12m 56s

Questions on Break Even Analysis (in Hindi)

12m 34s

Sequencing (in Hindi)

9m 49s

Question on N Job - 1 Machine (Sequencing) (in Hindi)

10m 43s

N Job - 2 Machine (Sequencing) (in Hindi)

13m 31s

N Job - 3 Machine (Sequencing) (in Hindi)

9m 47s

Question on N Job - 3 Machine (Sequencing) (in Hindi)

8m 17s

N Job - M machines (Sequencing) (in Hindi)

8m 30s

Queuing (in Hindi)

11m 01s

Representation of Queuing Model (in Hindi)

11m 06s

Important Terms (Queuing) (in Hindi)

8m 28s

Questions on Queuing (in Hindi)

7m 29s

Forecasting (in Hindi)

7m 51s

Types of Forecasting - Part - I (in Hindi)

10m 40s

Types of Forecsating - Part -II (in Hindi)

10m 27s

Forecasting Error (in Hindi)

7m 43s

Question on Forecasting (in Hindi)

8m 13s

Linear Regression (in Hindi)

5m 47s

Inventory (in Hindi)

8m 36s

Inventory Cost (in Hindi)

9m 54s

Economic Order Quantity (in Hindi)

11m 00s

Questions on Economic Order Quantity (in Hindi)

8m 43s

EOQ with price break ( in Hindi)

8m 54s

Production Model (in Hindi)

8m 36s

Shortage or Back Order (in Hindi)

6m 28s

Probabilistic Model (in Hindi)

11m 52s

Safety Stock (in Hindi)

6m 57s

Inventory Control (in Hindi)

5m 03s

PERT CPM (in Hindi)

9m 19s

Critical Path Method - (Part - I)

6m 54s

Critical Path Method - (Part - II) (in Hindi)

12m 45s

Program Evaluation and Review Technique - (Part - I) (in Hindi)

9m 21s

Program Evaluation and Review Technique - (Part - II) (in Hindi)

4m 53s

Crashing (in Hindi)

4m 59s

Line Balancing (in Hindi)

5m 31s

Question on line balancing (in Hindi)

7m 59s

Work Study - (Part - I) ( in Hindi)

6m 54s

Work Study - (Part - II) (in Hindi)

6m 09s

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