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Shortest Distance between two lines and Distance between Parallel Lines
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This lesson explains the concept of shortest distance between skew lines. Also the method to find distance between parallel lines in 3-d geometry has been explained

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Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
Jafar Sadik
3 months ago
You are welcome Nisha Nasar
answer of last question is2✓29?
answer of last ques is 2✓29?
Sir, How the last question will be solve??.I hv so much confusion there which I did not understand when you were explaining the last topic....plz solve it sir....
Vineet Loomba
6 months ago
i didnt get your question
Sidra Hassan
6 months ago
how the last ques will be solved & I am confuse in tht part in which u r explaing abut root D at 10:05....... okay now u undrstnd my ques??
Sir 3-D is not completed plz make more videos..........
  1. S- A bl 01 Al (a 8,

  2. 3 64+64+l6 4- 3 12. PAGE clAssmate

  3. A a) -20 2. Very Easy

  4. 2 02 -21 22-2 a1 1 2 C2 Ql1 a2 -b 2 2. 6 2

  5. ala 2 1 C- 22 94 In