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Scaler Product of 4 Vectors
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This lesson explains the method of scaler product of 4 vectors

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Vineet Loomba
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lets look at another situation....last year , some people (zat) demanded reservation in govt. jobs ( in haryana) .....they start blocking roads, looting shops , burning government property...... public feels insecurity but mla don't want buerocrate to take action against them ( for vote bank) .....what are the steps that buerocrate can take??
in my opinion he should first maintain a peace like situation through the police then he should organise meeting if possible with the leaders of the movement and advise them to work under the purview of law
Div .
6 months ago
here obstacles is mla, he should convince mla how taking action is necessary and will aid in mla name and this way he can work according to the rule of land and carry on with his duty
sir ek doubt hai a variable plane forms tetrahedron of constant volume 64k^3 with Co ordinate planes and origin then locus of the centroid of tetrahedron is?