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(Hindi) Vectors and 3-D Geometry Made Easy


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Vineet Loomba

This course covers everything on Vectors for IIT-JEE (JEE Main and Advanced)


40 lessons • 7 h 19 m
Introduction - Types of Vectors (in Hindi)

12m 53s

Algebra of Vectors (in Hindi)

11m 01s

Components of Vectors (in Hindi)

11m 04s

Section Formula for Vectors (in Hindi)

11m 03s

Dot / Scalar Product of Vectors (in Hindi)

10m 48s

Properties of Scaler Product

11m 41s

Condition of Perpendicularity

13m 09s

Important Examples on Scaler Product

12m 04s

Cross Product of Vectors

10m 58s

Cross Product Part-2

11m 23s

Cross Product of Vectors (Part-3)

10m 44s

Scaler Triple Product of Vectors (Part-1)

10m 33s

Scaler Triple Product (Part-2)

11m 01s

Scaler Triple Product (Part -3)

10m 16s

Scaler Triple Product (Part-4)

10m 03s

3-D Geometry Direction Ratios and Direction Cosines

11m 34s

Angle between two lines and Examples

11m 43s

Cross Multiplication and Foot of Perpendicular

11m 17s

Diagonals of a Cube

9m 55s

Equation of Straight Lines in 3D Geometry

11m 51s

Two Point Form of a Straight Line

10m 41s

Image of a Point and Foot of Perpendicular

11m 42s

Angle Between two Lines

10m 15s

Shortest Distance between two lines and Distance between Parallel Lines

11m 22s

Normal form of a Plane

11m 18s

Examples on Normal Form

10m 13s

Image of Point in a Plane

10m 19s

Equation of Plane in Different Forms

11m 22s

Vector Triple Product (V.T.P)

10m 02s

Distance of a point from a Plane

10m 17s

Distance between Parallel Planes | Intercept Form of Plane

10m 37s

Family of Planes

10m 15s

Angle Between Two Planes

9m 30s

Angle between Line and Plane

10m 01s

Coplanarity of 2 Lines and Equation of Plane

10m 36s

Scaler Product of 4 Vectors

12m 03s

Important Proofs Using Vectors for Class 12 Board Exams (Part-1)

10m 02s

Important Proofs Using Vectors (Part-2)

11m 31s

Important Proofs Using Vectors (Part-3)

10m 06s

Angle Bisectors of 2 Lines in 3-D

11m 38s



95 reviews

Ritik Gupta

reviewed on Nov 26, 2018

It was a great course by Vineet sir. cleared all my basic concepts. The best thing about the course was that it contained a lot of examples which help me Ines the kind of questions that are asked. Thanks sir

Tanmay yadav

reviewed on Nov 19, 2018

concepts are explained in a very nice,lucid,detailed and to the point manner.After watching the lectures the chapter feels like child's play

Sidra Hassan

reviewed on Nov 3, 2018

Thank you very much ......Sir you are awesome.You have very easy way to explain the topics .....You are doing so much for us.Thank you again .............

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