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Scaler Triple Product (Part-4)
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This lesson concludes the discussion on scaler triple product of vectors

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Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
sir where is vector triple product? I can't find it here
Sir 1st slide ke 2nd question ko calculate krke 0 nhi aa rha h sir to fir ye condition for 4 pts ko satisfy kaise krega??
Sir,I have this Confusion in the first step of this lesson in 3rd question c vectr x (c vectr+a vectr)This will be vanishd completely by zero Or even after opening it, there will be further calculations....... Because sir, c vectr x a vectr after opening it which can be further claculated......???? I hope u r getting me?🤔
Modasir hasan
a year ago
Yes, you are correct.Only because sir had mistaken it his last value comes 0. If you solve it further that step comes 0+ c(vec)*a(vec) and in the end you get the same result which is given to be prove...
Adamya Adams
a year ago
Yess sir has done calculation mistake I guess mine is also coming to be stp of abc which is to be proved...There are 3 terms left at last two will get cancelled one will be left
Yes sir has done calculation mistake.
sir, can I use the property in example no. 1 which states that [x-y y-z z-x] = [X y z] - [y z X] = [X y z] - [X y z] = 0
  1. Pa n co-plaman 0 C0 2

  2. 0 Ex 2 2 = 2 (1-2) t 31-1-4) t l( 1+2) 14