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Scaler Triple Product (Part-4)
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This lesson concludes the discussion on scaler triple product of vectors

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Vineet Loomba
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Unacademy user
thanks a lot mam app bahut helpfull video banate ho jo ki amlog ka bahut help milta ot apki class kar ke bahut se motivation or reading ka help mita or apka bahut achha padane ka tarika or achha lagta hai
Sir 1st slide ke 2nd question ko calculate krke 0 nhi aa rha h sir to fir ye condition for 4 pts ko satisfy kaise krega??
sir, can I use the property in example no. 1 which states that [x-y y-z z-x] = [X y z] - [y z X] = [X y z] - [X y z] = 0
Sir,I have this Confusion in the first step of this lesson in 3rd question c vectr x (c vectr+a vectr)This will be vanishd completely by zero Or even after opening it, there will be further calculations....... Because sir, c vectr x a vectr after opening it which can be further claculated......???? I hope u r getting me?🤔
Modasir hasan
5 months ago
Yes, you are correct.Only because sir had mistaken it his last value comes 0. If you solve it further that step comes 0+ c(vec)*a(vec) and in the end you get the same result which is given to be prove...
Adamya Adams
5 months ago
Yess sir has done calculation mistake I guess mine is also coming to be stp of abc which is to be proved...There are 3 terms left at last two will get cancelled one will be left
Yes sir has done calculation mistake.
sir uh made mistake in 1 question
Vineet Loomba
4 months ago
May be calculation error ..u can tell me where
sir when you will add vector triple product.
Vineet Loomba
5 months ago
I am planning to add today
  1. Pa n co-plaman 0 C0 2

  2. 0 Ex 2 2 = 2 (1-2) t 31-1-4) t l( 1+2) 14