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Condition of Perpendicularity
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This lesson explains the concept of condition of perpendicularity of vectors. Thereafter examples of JEE Main level have been discussed based on dot product of vectors.

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Vineet Loomba
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sir i am currently in second year (engineering), i have 3 years for preparation of UPSC , my question is : i am going to select my optional subject as mathematics. i had a look at the syllabus ,i feel i can cope up with the syllabus along with engineering ..but am afraid whether optional will be there or not after 3 years ,when i will be giving my first attempt .. so what shall i do ... 1) shall i start preparing for optional, assuming optional will be there 3 years later ? 2) shall i start preparing for prelims and GS ... ?
sir in last q its given that eq 1 and 2 = 0 then y r we accepting x/32=k nd same for others too
Stan Raps
a month ago
sorry in q 19 not last one
sir aap toh jee wale qstn toh kra hi ni re ho..
Vineet Loomba
3 months ago
Questions ke liye separate courses h wo dekho ..yahan toh abhi theory and concept btaye h and base bnaya h reviews ;!
a month ago
awesome sir thank u
The last question (Ex.19) can be done by an easy approach....We know that vector P is perpendicular to both A & B by vector P will be mx(cross product of A & B vectors )....where m is a constant value....And then by Dot product with the vector C we can find the value of m......And we got the required vector P......No need to solve 3equations of 3 variables...Am I right sir??
Abhinandan Kumar
10 months ago
mx(cross product)....x is multiplication symbol here.
Parth Joshi
3 months ago
bhai basically both the process are same...what you are calling as m, sir is calling it as k... just go through that...
ex.18 nhi samajh me aaya thik se sir.
Sir i am facing this problem that i know the concepts but don't know where to use it after sometime i quit the question and see the solution of it but after seeing it i fells that i could have done that myself , then i feels that maybe my basis are not clear(actually feel to quit studying).So basically my problem is i don't able to understand the questions or not able to understand that which concept is the particular question is requiring .Sir please help me .. thank you very much..
Vineet Loomba
a year ago
solve simpler problems initially when the topic is fresh and then take up tough problems once u hav confidence
a year ago
Thank your sir i will definitely follow your advice.
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