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Section- 377 of IPC -IAS preparation- Current Affairs By Vani Mehra
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Vani Mehra
M.A Sociology ; Cleared Entrance for JNU & GNDU ; CSE ; Faculty for General Studies in IBT Inst. with ETEN ALS

Unacademy user
why crystalline are amorphous eventhough they have regular arrangement...they should have isotropy
Shaillee Kaushal
3 months ago
i did not understand your question pls elaborate
Gulshan Goyal
3 months ago
crystalline solids have regular arrangement so they should have similar properties in every one of the comments above u have said crystalline solids have haphazard arrangement which is wrong
why lgbt people are suffering from HIV and other sexual diseases , What I read that its because of biological imbalance they create and also due to discrimination in getting the proper treatment .I am not against decriminalizing LGBT but before doing that, Do you think we need improve our infrastructure so that these diseases can be prevented ??
They were legally granted voting rights as a third sex in 1994. Legal recognition of third gender in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Only why not in other states. Mam I have a drought. Before 1994 third gender do not have citizenship rights. May please explain. Mam I had searched Google also but i was not satisfied with answer as will as I m confused also.
mam pls answer writing me aap bilingual me post kre..pls.pls ma..hindi walo ka b khyal rakhe
you openion helps us a lot in framing balanced judegement
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