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How To Prepare Physics For JEE Mains And Advanced by Vikas Joshi
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How To Prepare Physics For JEE Mains And Advanced- In this lesson, Vikas Joshi explains how to prepare Physics for JEE. this session is helpful for all the students who are preparing for JEE and various entrance examinations. Vikas Joshi provides details about preparing physics not only for JEE aspirants but also for the students who are currently in Class 12th and will be giving their boards soon. He has also provided a list of books and essential materials which student can refer to while preparing. Mr. Joshi is an experienced educator, who has been helping the students to get into prestigious engineering colleges. He has provided a timetable which can be used to complete the syllabus on time. He has given separate approach for all the parts of physics syllabus. He has shared strategy to complete physics for JEE. He has also explained the important topics to be covered like ray optics and wave optics, electrostatics and capacitors. To watch all the courses by Vikas Joshi and to discuss with him please go to : To watch more courses on Jee preparation visit:

Vikas Joshi
Consultant at Capgemini, Inquisitive in nature, PGDM from FSM, Delhi. Love to teach. Can discuss anything under the sun.

Unacademy user
In a certain code ‘TERMINAL’ is written as ‘NSFUMBOJ’ and ‘TOWERS’ is written as ‘XPUTSF’. How is ‘MATE’ written in that code? A. FUBN B. UFNB C. BNFU D. BNDS E. None of these Can you please answer this question
Neeti Chaudhary
8 months ago
Subash Krishnan
3 months ago
Hi Neeti, Can you please explain it because i am not getting it