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Roman - 10 great courses on Unacademy which you should watch now
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List of 10 great courses: 1. Easiest Way To Learn 333 High-Frequency GRE Words Using Story-telling - 2. Become a Top Learner - 20x more Focus to learn anything faster - 3. A Unique take on Indian History: A Passage to India - 4. Learning Practical Wisdom from Bhagavad Gita - 5. Learn 50 Idioms in 50 Minutes: Beginners - 6. Mastering Public Speaking - 7. Power of Positive Psychology: Principles to have a Fulfilling Life - 8. Aspects of Personality Development - 9. Breaking the ice - get the confidence to talk to anyone - 10. Life Lessons By Dr. Kiran Bedi - Download the Unacademy Learning App from the Google Play Store here:- Do Subscribe and be a part of the community for more such lessons here:

Roman Saini is teaching live on Unacademy Plus

Roman Saini
Part of a great founding team at Unacademy with Gaurav, Hemesh. Movies, Guitar, Books, Teaching.

Unacademy user
sir Woh Grammar course kab tak complete hoga ....Plz reply..
Ankit Bisht
9 months ago
it will take 10 days
Manoranjan Behera
9 months ago
Thanku Sir :-)
Ankit Bisht
6 months ago
Need any help contact me
sir please cover it as soon as possible bcoz FCI exam is in April or may
thank you sir for 10 great course on unacademy...i watch it and follow it.. sir a humble request make a courses on optional subject political science and international reletionship. again thank you ..
Sir, i watch ur every video hundreds of time, when i lost my motivation, i watch ur video . U don't know how much motivation we get from ur voice. Before i watch ur videos, i thought that, today no one is so helpful without any reason. I want to become an ias officer, if i reach my goal , i will contribute ur course .Ur video is only one thing in internet, where we hit like before watch the full course. we believe u so much .......Sorry for my weak English. bye bye roman god.....may god bless u.
Thanks a ton for this marvellous learning platform. I already completed 7 courses out of 10. I shared it to my friends. Sir which pattern is good for novice player in CSE read subject wise for instance history so first complete history then move to Polity or in a slot way 3 hours history, 2 hours Polity in a day. Please answer me answer if your time permits. Thanks again.
for 2019 CSE . should I start make notes of current affairs now. or only cover all static portion first.
Static first, NCERTs twice, then standard books, make notes and keep in touch with news like weekly maybe. around june 2018 start reading newspapaer daily
Mitesh Patel
2 years ago
For 2019 ideal time by many topper to cover current affair is Jan 2018 to if your exam will in June 2019 then upto May or April.
2017 pre 18 June, 2018 pre 3 June, so 2019 pre wud probably be in May . So I would say Regularly start following newspaper from around May 2018. All the more good if you keep in touch with news a lil bit from now only. But focus on static more.
Hello Roman, I need to ask something regarding CSE. Instead of Reading Hindu can we go with GK Today monthly current affairs magazine as it is very descriptive? Please suggest
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