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GS - IV Ethics Case Studies Discussion For IAS Mains 2017 by Pushap Jangra
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Pushap Jangra
Asst Prof (Economics) LPU, Pb. M.A(Hons) Eco, P.U. Chd. UGC-NET 2x. Cracked CSAT in UPSC Pre thrice. Cricket, cycling, badminton & Economics

Unacademy user
thank u so much sir ... i request u to make videos in tamil too
Sure Will do that soon :)
thank u so much sir..... i req u to make before prelims..... it is really helpful for me
Hello, thankyou for the session Few questions and doubts. 1) When starting a case study, you mentioned state objective. What exactly you mean by that.Should it be like :- In this case stiudy, being District collector it is my duty to-----------------.. 2) Is it alwys good to mention the ethical issues of the question or state the dilemmas in intro part.? For example :- 1 Value of honesty violated. 2) Conflict of interest. 3) Empathy towards vulenerable peopl 3) Is it good approach to mention all the stakeholder in introduction itself. Actually i felt in your live session, you gave less importance on how to start a case study. Please address my doubts
Pushap Jangra
2 years ago
Hi Sophia, apologies for the delay! Deep regrets. I will answer your queries point wise like you mentioned 1. It is correct. You must state the objective in the intro itself. It shows to the examiner that you have understood the question well 2. Try not to mention ethical dilemmas in the intro. You can mention them as you progress in your answer, better write them in the answer flow itself. This will be better 3. See, do not mention the stakeholders. Just remember all of them and frame your answer keeping their interests in mind . Do not provide a list of all the stakeholders anywhere, that will just be a waste of time and answer space. Hope this helps. Apologies again for the delay. Good Luck and Best wishes from my side!