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Anthropology for CSE Mains 2017 - Resources and Preparation By Khushboo Singh Rajput
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Anthropology for CSE Mains 2017 - Resources and Preparation By Khushboo Singh Rajput. Anthropology is the study of various aspects of humans within past and present societies. Social anthropology and cultural anthropology study the norms and values of societies. Linguistic anthropology studies how language affects social life. Khushboo explains why you should select this subject as your optional and also explains in details why this is a scoring subject. Find more about the resources and preparation strategy for Anthropology for UPSC CSE Mains. Must watch for all. You can find the entire course here: Download the Unacademy Learning App from the Google Play Store here:- Do Subscribe and be a part of the community for more such lessons here:

Khushboo Kumari
Teaching is a passion! Have 5 years of teaching experience. Now, I am on my way to make my dream a reality.

Unacademy user
after these resources would i need anthropology simplified recommended by durishetty anudeep...plz tell me mam
Ma"am what is flow charts ?
Khushboo Kumari
10 months ago
plwase google :)
Suman sarkar
10 months ago
Ok... Thank you
hello mam, I am an engineering graduate. I have chosen Anthropology as my optional subject for UPSC CSE 2018. When I read this subject I get bored very soon. I will read it for 2-3 days then I feel I am nit able retain what I have studied 2-3 days ago. And then I feel to switch my optional to engineering subject. Can you please help me out how I can stick to one subject. Is XAXA report to be read for this subject? Thanks.
Hey khusboo, u were excellent in providing the details. Do u also provide the you tube lecture on anthropology..
Hello mam Please write from where I can get anthropology Braintree notes for UPSC as I live in jammu and am not physically present in delhi So please help me in getting original Braintree notes so that I can buy it online Thanks
Abrar Zain
a year ago
There are lot of photostat shops in delhi u can google their numbers and contcat them they will send you by courier
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