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Practice MCQ's
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This video will help you in revising Modern History in form of MCQ's. The video will cover 10 MCQ's.

Yasmin Gill
Discount Code-"yashi.gill01"/Qualified for UPSC mains/Rank 24th in Punjab PCS

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hello ma"am!! ur lectures r really helpful in revising the concepts, ma"am there is a request :plz issue lectures on the whole medieval history as well as modern history ...
Thank you mam
  1. Practice set of MCQ's By- Yasmin Gill

  2. About me .Yasmin Gill .BE(EEE) from UIET,PU .Qualified for UPSC Mains 2015 in 1st attempt State rank 24 in Punjab Civil Services 2015 Stood 10th at State Level in Young Genius Awards conducted by NSTSE

  3. 1. The Peshwa who engineered the capture of Salsette and Bassein for the Portuguese in 1739 was A. Balaji Vishwanath B. Baji Rao I C. Baji Rao II D. Madhava Rao

  4. Baji Rao I Had conquered them from Portuguese in 1739 Had even defeated Nizam at Palkhed Nizam had to submit to dictated treaty of Mungi-Shevagaon in 1728.

  5. 2. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched? A. B. C. D. Jahangir- William Hawkins Akbar- Sir Thomas Roe Shahjahan- Tavernier Aurangzeb- Manucci

  6. Akbar-Sir Thomas Roe William Hawkins during time of Jahangir. He was the commander of Hector, first company ship to anchor at Surat Thomas Roe also in court of Jahangir . He came after W.H Tavernierwas a French jeweller Manucciwas an Italian Manucci is famous for his work "Storia do Mogor"

  7. A. Bhonsle B. Sindhias C. Holkar 1. Treaty of Sujianjagaon 2. Treaty of RajGhat 3. Treaty of Devgaon

  8. Bhonsle- Treaty of Devgaon- 1803-by Sir Arthur Wellesley between Raghuji Bhonsle ll-the Maratha raja of Berar-and British A. B. Sindhias-T. of Surjianjangaon- 1803-settlement between the Maratha chief Daulat Rao Sindhia and the British C. Holkar T. of Rajghat- 1805- Yashwant Rao Holkar

  9. 4. Arrange them in chronological order A. 1st Anglo-Mysore war B. 1st Carnatic war C. 1st Afghan war D. 1T Anglo-Maratha war BACD ABCD BADC CBAD

  10. BADC 1st Carnatic war- 1746-1748 1st Anglo-Mysore war-1767-1769 1st Anglo-Maratha war-1775- 1782 1st Afghan war- 1839 1842

  11. 5. Which among them is true? A. At the Battle of Amber fought in 1749, Nawab Anwaruddin was B. 1st Anglo-French war in India started because of their hostilities in C. Both defeated by Dupleix, with the support of Chanda Saheb Europe D. None

  12. Both Nasir Jung supported by the English Chanda Sahib and Muzaffar Jung- supported by French The battle was initiated by Muzzafar Jung who sought to overthrow Anwaruddin, Nawab of Carnatic, for supporting Nasir's claim to Hyderabad Carnatic was then a dependency of Hyderabad 1740-War of Austrian Succession broke out in Europe Great Britain opposed to France in it Had impact on India as well

  13. Palkhed-1728-between Baji Rao I and Nizam-ul-Mulk of Hyderabad St.Thome-1746-between French and Nawab of Arcot, supported by British Ambur 1749 Kharda-1795-between Nizam and Maratha Madhavrao Il Nizam was defeated

  14. Which of the following were events that took place during the tenure of Lord Hastings? A. Gurkha war B. 3rd Anglo-Mysore war C. Signing Treaty of Segauli All of these; Only A A,B; A,C

  15. 9. Which of the following is correct? A. Charles Woods Despatch laid emphasis on development of B. The medium of instruction at university level was to be vernacular C. Carlyle Circular issued by RW Carlyle sought to check the spread higher education in India as well as English of revolutionary activities in educational institutions All of these; A,C; A,B; B,C

  16. A,C Despatchrecommended for establishment of universities in the The medium of instruction at the primary level was to be vernacular Sent during tenure of Lord Dalhousie presidency towns, viz. Calcutta, Bombay and Madras while at the higher levels it would be English.

  17. 10. What is the correct sequence? A. Lucknow pact B. Introduction of dyarchy C. Rowlatt Act D. Bengal partition ACBD; DACB; ABCD; DCBA

  18. DACB; Bengal partition-1905 Lucknow pact-Dec 1916 Rowlatt Act- Feb 1919 Introduction of dyarchy- 1919