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Practice MCQ's-2
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This video will help you in revising Modern History in form of MCQ's. The video will cover 10 MCQ's.

Yasmin Gill
Discount Code-"yashi.gill01"/Qualified for UPSC mains/Rank 24th in Punjab PCS

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Maam pls provide our past 3- part 2
Ma'am will you also cover Our Past -III Part-2?
Lord Irwin was the VICEROY of India during CDM not GOVERNOR GENERAL
snatching our territory by neighbor country
  1. Practice set of MCQ's By- Yasmin Gill

  2. About me .Yasmin Gill .BE(EEE) from UIET,PU .Qualified for UPSC Mains 2015 in 1st attempt State rank 24 in Punjab Civil Services 2015 Stood 10th at State Level in Young Genius Awards conducted by NSTSE

  3. 11. Lord Mountbatten came to India as Viceroy along with specific instruction to A. B. C. D. Balkanize the Indian sub-continent Keep India united if possible Accept Jinnah's demand for Pakistan Persuade Congress to accept partition

  4. Keep India united if possible, but also to adapt to changing situations as well

  5. 12. Who was the GG of India during CDM? A. Lord Chelmsford B. Lord Reading C. Lord Irwin D. Lord Wavel

  6. Lord Irwin

  7. 13. Which of these are true? A. Subhash Chandra Bose resigned from Presidentship of INC in his B. C. st term He became opposed to non-violentm He started a newspaper 'Swaraj" All of these; Only A; A,B; B,C

  8. B,C 1939-2nd term at Tripuri near Jabalpur

  9. 14. Which among them are not correctly matched? A. B. C. D. Sabad Kaumudi- Raja Ram Mohan Roy Soma Prakash- Ramanand Chatterjee Hamdard- Muhammad Ali Hindustan Times-KM Pannikar

  10. Shom Prakash -by Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar in 1859

  11. 1. Maharashtra A. Mappila outbreak B. Ramosi peasant rebellion 2. Bengol C. Kuka revolt D. Pabna revolt 3. Malabar 4. Punjab

  12. 1. Malabar A. Mappila outbreak B. Ramosi peasant rebellion 2. Maharashtra C. Kuka revolt D. Pabna revolt 3. Punjab 4. Bengal

  13. Karl Marx In his article, Revolt in the Indian Army,, Marx analysed the conquest of India He described East India Company as the tool of Indian conquest Marx demonstrated that colonial plunder of India caused collapse of entire branches of the Indian economy and impoverishment of the people of the vast, wealthy and ancient country

  14. 18. Who started Bombay Mills Land Association? A. NM Lokhandey B. BP Wadia C. Both D. None

  15. 19. Which among them is not true regarding Indigo Revolt? A. It was the most militant and widespread peasants agitation after B. One of the major reasons for success of revolt was complete C. Christian missionaries opposed the Indigo peasants 1857 revolt unity among Hindu and Muslim peasants The govt's response to revolt was not as harsh as in case of other D. civil rebellions

  16. Answer-C Christian missionaries supported the Indigo peasants

  17. A. Sabad Kaumudi B. Indian Mirror C. Amrit Bazar Patrika D. The Hindu 1. Devendranath Tagore 2. Raja Ram Mohan Roy 3. GS Aiyar and V Raghavachari Sishir Kumar Ghosh 4.

  18. A. Sabad Kaumudi B. Indian Mirror C. Amrit Bazar Patrika D. The Hindu 1. Raja Ram Mohan Roy 2. Devendranath Tagore 3. Sishir Kumar Ghosh 4. GS Aiyar and V Raghavachari