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Parliament I
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This lesson covers some parts of the Chapter on Parliament.

Prasanna Naidu
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  1. Composition of Rajya Sabha 3 250/238- States & UTs, 12 - Nominated States-Elected by elected members of State Legis Seats acc to population UT- Indirectly elected by members of electoral college Only Delhi & Pudduchery in RS System of Elections Territorial Constituencies Readjustment after Census Reservation of Seats for SCs & STs Proportional Representation in RS & not in LS 12 members spl knowledge - President Composition of Lok Sabha ualifications 552/530 States, 20 - UTS, 2 - Nominated Directly elected universal adult franchise Directly elected - Act 2 members - Anglo Indian - President itizen of India 30 yrs- RS & 25 yrs LS Addl qualifications Duration RS- permanent body - 1/3rd members retire LS-5 yrs President can dissolve Registered elector Disqualifications ber of SCIST Parliament Membership of Parliament Unsound mind Disqualified under any other law Addi Disqualificationn Guilty of Election Offences tailed to-election expenses Offence-Imprisonment for 2 or more yrs interest in Govt contracts Director agent- corporation 25 shares Dismissed from govt. service Vacating of Seats Double Membership Other Cases Defection