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FRs - Right to Equality
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This lesson explains the fundamental right - Right to Equality

Prasanna Naidu
Law Grad | Blogger & YouTuber @ BuddingLawyers | Interested in Legal tech, Entrepreneurship, Judicial Reforms |

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Good explaination
hi bro....this course very helpful .....upload science and history topic
Hey, Prasanna these lessons are really helpful ...thank you
  1. Rule Of Law No Punishment except for Breach Equal subjection of all citizens to Law of the Land R3CDSPob-Race, Religion, Residence, Caste, Descent, Sex, Place of birth Rights must be enforced by the Courts of Law & Constitution is not the source of rights but result of it. Equality before Law No privileges Equal subjection Article 14 o one above law Equal Protection of Laws Article 18: Abolition of Titles Equality of treatment under equal circumstances similar application of same laws to all persons who are similarly situated Like should be treated alike Right to Equality (DOUT) Exceptions President /Governor (powers, no criminal/civil proceedings, no arrest) No civillcriminal proceedings -newspaper true report of Prohibits State from conferring Titie Prohibits a citizen from accepting Titile from Foreign State Prohibits foreigner holding office of profit or trust from s of Parliament or Legislature No proceedings on MP for saidvote in p accepting Title from foreign state without President's consent No proceedings on MLA Laws-Dps Foreign sovereigns, diplomats, ambassadors- immunity UNO & its agencies - immunity Prohibits citizen/foreigner holding office of profit or trust DpSp not violative from accepting present, emolument or office from foreign state without President's consent Article 17: Abolition of Untouchability Untouchability definition Protection of Civil Rights, 1955 Article 15: Prohibition of Discrimination on Certain Grounds Exceptions Spl provisions for Women & Children Spl provisions for backward classes Article 16: Equality of Opportunity of Public Employment Exceptions Residence as condtion Reservation in favour of any Backward class Religious or denominational Institution